Drill Bit Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Drill Bit
Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Function: Infantry
Alternate Mode: Horned Beetle

Height: 5cm Length: 14cm Width: 9cm

   A transparent brown beetle with Decepticon purple on his legs and horn, Drill Bit has green eyes with red pupils and a brown drill sticking out from under his horn with a very non-organic silver on it's thread. The rest of the moulding is very organic, and he has a finely applied brown paint in the recesses of thorax and abdomen, which is easy to miss, meaning he's only partly transparent. It's a nice touch, even if it doesn't really have much point. While the brown paint is nice, I'm not sold on the use of Decepticon purple. While it's not a bad colour in itself, it looks on an organic alt mode.

   Drill Bit's main gimmick in this mode is a little rubber tyre underneath his drill assembly, the idea being that you roll him along a hard surface and the drillbit rotates. In reality it barely works, since he's laden with so much undercarriage junk that you've basically got to push him along with the abdomen sticking up in the air. Add to this the fact that his horn gets in the way of you grasping the drill assembly anyway, the end result is that you've really got to struggle to activate what's really a minor gimmick that works badly. And it's all he has in terms of play value, aside from the horn moving up and down a little.

   As mentioned, Drill Bit has lots of undercarriage junk. His robot legs and one arm (the other is the drill assembly) sit underneath, forming a somewhat obvious block. While it does mean he doesn't collapse under his own weight as some insect beasts do, it also means he sits on kibble rather than standing flat on his feet. What's worse is that neither the arm or the legs actually clip in anywhere, instead they just float under there. The legs have holes on the back, but there's no posts for them to clip into, suggesting they rushed this toy into production before it was really ready.

   There's not really much else to say about this mode. As you can probably tell I'm not a fan. The drill is really the only feature of this beetle mode and it flops. The brown paint application is nice, but it's the only real positive of an otherwise uninspiring mode.


   Fold out the legs and groin, swing the arms down. Fold the beetle legs up, swing the beetle wing cover section down and clip in onto his back. Position the arms.

Height: 11cm Width: 10cm

   Again brown and purple, but Drill Bit is now dominated by purple. His forearms, chest and head are transparent brown, as well as the giant shell on his back, but the rest is purple. He has these weird beady lime green eyes and insect mouthparts that are painted white - as if they were vertebrate teeth. This is all served up on a transparent head too. While the purple doesn't look as bad as it does in the beast mode, the overall colour scheme in this mode is mediocre.

   Drill Bit has a rubsign on his chest directly below his face, and there's some random silver paint details on his chest, which match the silver on the drill that is now his right hand. This right arm is not so much an arm but something to do with the drill assembly in robot mode. The upper arm is curved backwards, so the elbow joint isn't really in the right place.

   The arm isn't the only lazy design aspect in robot mode. The legs have insect legs sticking out and up towards the hands, and really get in the way of the arms. The front and middle insect legs are folded up on his back, causing posts to stick out next to his hips, severely limiting their movement. The holes on his legs have no posts, and these posts that hinder poseability have no holes. The shell and legs on his back make him somewhat back heavy, so he's tricky to stand, and he doesn't hold together all that well.

   The drill gimmick does work in this mode, although there's not really that much point. His head, shoulders, left elbow, hips and knees are all ball joints, but as mentioned his leg poseability is limited by stability and those posts that serve no purpose.

   Like the beast mode, Drill Bit's robot mode has a prototype feel about it. There's too many things that aren't quite right, including those weird green eyes, lots of kibble and the random posts on his hips. I can't really find anything I like in this mode.


   None I know of.


   Drill Bit really feels like a toy that wasn't yet ready for production, but which was given the go ahead anyway. Lots of things that don't fit together well, lots of kibble, a gimmick that fails and bad colour choices make Drill Bit a toy that I recommend against getting. The only reason I imported him (he was never on sale in Australia) was because I tacked him on the end of a large order, so paid retail and no postage. I knew what I was in for, so I wasn't really disappointed - I only got him for completeness. While there are worse Beast Wars toys, at the time he was the worst to date by a fair distance - 2/10

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