Drench (G2) Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Drench
Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Defence Strategy Expert
Alternate Mode: Le Mans Racer

Thanks to griffin for loaning me Drench for this review.

Height: 3.5cm Length: 12cm Width: 5cm

   A menthol green and navy blue Le Mans style racing car, Drench is blue at the front, green at the back and has bands of both in the middle. He's a repaint of Deluge (Autobot), who features a lighter blue. The windows of the enclosed cockpit and headlights are transparent while the in the middle of the yellow spoiler section is pink. Unlike most of the water-shooting Transformers from this era, there's no mismatching of paints - the painted front section (which changes colour) is matched by blue stripes in the middle, painted over green. There is some green paint but it matches the green paint perfectly. His tyres are black with silver chrome hubcaps while there are gold and green stickers on his spoiler. Rounding out the colour scheme are various metallic gold stickers including black "8"s and a G2 Autobot logo in a yellow sticker on his roof. It's a nice colour scheme - the banding in the middle ensure the cobalt blue and menthol green work well together. It's more subdued than Deluge, who uses transparent pink in places.

   The shape is essentially realistic, since there's variation in racing cars anyway. The colours are unusual but credible (unlike those of Deluge). The yellow spoiler's shape is not realistic at all, so Drench ends up being fairly realistic - easily enough to sell the illusion here. You can remove the spoiler, revealing an incomplete-looking rear end, and while it does feature taillights, which is a really nice touch, although they are still (just) visible otherwise.

   Drench shares a central gimmick based on a water-squirting mechanism with the other Aquaspeeders. There are two small nozzles on either side of the spoiler, which shoot water stored in the bellow at the back when the bellow is compressed. It's not a terribly impressive gimmick although it works reasonably well. There's a secondary gimmick based on the painted cabin area. If Drench is himself shot with warm water the painted blue section at the front will turn white. The changing paint is unimpressive, but the idea is nice. Drench rolls reasonably well on his plastic tyres.

   A cool colour scheme idea really makes this vehicle mode work. Sure the Le Mans racer is done fairly well but it's the blue and green transition that sell this car mode. The gimmick is okay - no better or worse than the others in this line, and the care shape is decent. It's not fantastic but this is a nice car mode. Thanks to the loss of transparent pink, I'd rate him just above Deluge.


   Detach the spoiler, pull the rear fenders out to the sides. Flip over the central rear section to form legs. Pivot the rear fenders forward to form arms, fold the front down to form the chest and reveal his head. Stand him up and you're done.

Height: 11cm Width: 7.5cm

   A mix of blues and greens, Drench has menthol green arms and boots, mid blue thighs, a navy blue torso and a navy blue head. There's some transparency on his chest - the headlights and windshield, while the eyestrip is also transparent with a good lightpipe. His mouthplate is silver and there are black tyres on his wrists. Unusually for this series, there are no visible allegiance symbols. The colour scheme works well again.

   Drench has a weird bodyshape. Since the legs are the middle of the rear section, they're quite narrow. Similarly, the arms are the rear fenders pulled out to the sides, so they're very wide - as is the chest. The end result is a robot that's wide on top and narrow underneath. It's an awkward look. The feet are subtle and the arms aren't much to look at since they are the underside of the fenders without much actual detail - and they have gaps at the top. Drench holds his spoiler between his hands as a gun, and while he has holes in the top of his fists, they're only for show. At least it helps the look of the arms a little.

   The play value is centred on the water gimmick, of course. Pressing the bellows will cause him to fire a stream of water from either nozzle. It's such a shame then that his small feet aren't enough to anchor Drench's frontheavy weapon - he'll just topple forward of he's holding it. This gimmick is okay, but not impressive - and it's far from impressive when he can't stand upright to shoot the water. The elbows lifting up to hold his gun represents the entire poseability here.

   An awkward robot mode shape is made worse by the fact that Drench can't hold his weapon and stand at the same time. The lightpipe works very well - but that applies to almost every Transformer of this era. The colours work well - much better than Drench who copped transparent green thighs. This is his weaker mode.


   Drench was available with larger and smaller bellows on his weapon. As mentioned, he is a repaint of Deluge, who was released earlier in the same year. Drench was released in North America while Deluge was released in Europe & Australia.


   A nice vehicle mode with cool colours isn't quite enough to save Drench from his awful robot mode, which can't use the water shooting weapon well at all. The colours of his robot mode _are_ an improvement over those of his counterpart, so this is the better toy of the two. That doesn't change the fact that this is a weak mould - 4.5/10

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