Drench Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Drench
Series: "European" G1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Co-ordinator
Alternate Mode: Sports Car

Height: 3cm Length: 10.5cm Width: 5cm

   A burgundy sports car with a rounded nose and an oval yellow cockpit, Drench has black tyres with chrome painted hubcaps. The front two thirds of the cockpit is transparent yellow, along with his headlights, while the back third of the cockpit is painted fluorescent yellow. This looks awful. Fluorescent yellow is never a good colour and the two yellows are so diverse that Drench looks like crap - everything else becomes irrelevant. There are some stickers, including taillights, pinstripes and yellow hood ornament sticker with a G2 Decepticon logo on it. There are red stickers with "Turbo" in white cursive on the rear fenders. The red is a terrible match for the burgundy of the car itself. The front of the car is a slightly lighter colour than the rest, as part of his gimmick, while there aresome hints of transparent red on the doors. Drench couldn't look more disjointed if he wanted to.

   This vehicle looks like it could be an actual track racing car, although the haphazard colours ruin any realism here. There are some decent moulded details such as engine vents behind the cockpit and cockpit ribs, but they aren't enough to save the car mode. Fit For Natalie informs me that Drench is actually a 1986 Chevrolet Corvette Indy.

   Drench is a member of the Decepticon team known as Stormtroopers (a name that always reminds me of Star Wars), and the central gimmick is a water-squirting mechanism. Drench has a small silver nozzle underneath the front bumper, which shoots water stored in the yellow bellow at the back when the bellow is compressed. It's not a terribly impressive gimmick although it works reasonably well. There's a secondary gimmick based on the painted hood. If Drench is himself shot with warm water on the painted bonnet - presumably by an Aquaspeeder (the Autobot version of the Stormtroopers), his bonnet will turn yellow. The changing paint is unimpressive, and the colour issues I've already discussed aren't helped by this gimmick.

   The gimmick isn't really all that impressive, but it works reasonably well. The colours are atrocious and that's enough to ruin this car mode, sadly. What annoys me is that the fluorescent yellow paint is avoidable - Hydradread has a similar canopy, without the need for bad paint. If Drench had a half decent colour scheme he'd be reasonable, although the mould isn't good enough to overcome the colours.


   Slide the water mechanism out the back of the car, extend the rear to form his legs, lift up the doors as arms, flip the groinplate out from underneath the front bumper, fold the bonnet down to form his chest. Fold down Drench's forearms and give him his long silver gun.

Height: 10.5cm Width: 6.5cm

   Burgundy is again his main colour, but Drench has a lot going on here. His collar is transparent yellow whole the boots are mustard yellow, the thighs and upper arms black and the thighs transparent red. Drench has a black head with a simple face and transparent yellow eyes. The lightpipe works very well, which is probably the best aspect of the entire toy. There are various solid colour stickers here and there, which don't do anything meaningful. Drench may have lost the fluorescent yellow, but the mustard yellow is almost as unwelcome - this is a badly mashed colour scheme.

   Drench has burgundy shoulder pylons, the front tyres sit on the back of them. There's a huge gap in his shoulderblades, you can easily stick a finger through the hole - again this is something addressed on Hydradread but not on Drench. There are no real feet to speak of, which is pathetic since the leg transformation is exceedingly simple, leaving plenty of room for flip down feet.

   The weapon itself is a long silver squirtgun with the yellow bellows above the handle. The gimmick works equally well here, the colour gimmick is kind of pointless on Drench mind you, since his colours are already a mess. The silver gun doesn't help the colours much, but it's a decent gun compared to some its contemporaries. Poseability isn't much - the shoulders and elbows are hinged, both can lift forward 90.

   It's hard to really be too positive about this robot mode. It just shades the vehicle mode since the fluorescent yellow isn't visible and it has a good lightpipe (mind you, the entire line has good lightpipes). Make no mistake about it though, this is a craptacular robot mode.


   None as such. Along with the rest of the Stormtroopers, Rage was sold only in Europe and Australasia, and the mould has never been released in North America - which is a shame since the Stormtroopers are generally stronger than the Aquaspeeders (which were recoloured, renamed and sold in the USA).


   Drench is a poor toy, and while the transformation and gimmick are both simple and uninspiring, he could have been a lot better with a little effort. The colours are his biggest problem, a problem that should never have been. He lacks feet, and considering how simple the transformation is, this is again easy to solve. There are better moulds in this subgroup, with better colours. Unless you pick him up for change at a market like I did, I wouldn't recommend Drench - 2/10

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