Mega-Octane Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Mega-Octane
Series: Robots in Disguise
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Flatbed Military Truck

Dreiler, the Car Robots version.

Height: 5cm Length: 23cm Width: 4cm

   What's a Mega-Octane? Certainly not a flatbed military truck. Whoever named this toy needs to be smacked with RiD Scourge a few times. Apart from the fact it's a terrible name, it's even worse when you attach it to the wrong toy. One of the many lows Hasbro reached when naming the RiD toys. I'm going to avoid referring to this toy by name in this review, since it really doesn't flow.

   Anyway, he's an olive green flatbed truck, with black and green camouflage all over, as well as a giant fluorescent orange cannon on his back with silver barrels. The fluorescent orange isn't anywhere near as bad as it sounds. It works with the green and it's used sparingly in this mode. He has black plastic wheels and black plastic grills (the robot fingers) on the front. He's also got black plastic windows, which are actually achieved by black plastic inside the toy.

   Colours aside, the best word to describe this truck mode is "long". So long, in fact he comes mistransformed in his packaging. The back half of the truckbed is bare, and you can put a small Decepticon there quite easily (although Movor is way out of scale). You can remove the twin cannons from the front half to give him even more flatbed space - allowing you to fit two smaller guys on his back.

   The twin cannons on his back can shoot forward or point up, they swing to about 88 degrees, so not quite straight up. He's got five sets of wheels (one in front, two rear, two middle), and can roll pretty freely, although he wont roll very far on these hard, ridged, plastic wheels. Something they added for this version that neither Onslaught or G2 Onslaught had is a hole on the back of the cannon into which you can add his robot mode handgun. Sure, it's les impressive than the larger cannon, but it adds firepower and gives him somewhere to store this gun, so it's a positive.

   Lastly he has a base mode, which basically consists of splitting the rear of the truck, placing a ramp (supplied specially for the purpose) between the halves, swinging the cab halves to the sides and placing the twin cannons over the exposed robot head. It's not really much to get excited about, but at least they didn't skip and remove the ramp in this version.

   The colours aren't quite as nice as the original Onslaught here, but they run rings around those forced upon G2 Onslaught. Plus now he can attach his handgun.

   Flip the rear section up, then pull the folded part down and separate the halves. Fold the sides of the cabin out and down. Stand him up and pull out the fists. Attach the chestplate and give him his handgun. It's a simple transform but it works.

Height: 19cm Width: 8cm

   His robot mode is again mainly olive green, with a silver midriff and orange groin. The thighs, head & fists are black, he has red eyes. The top of the shoulders and the outsides of the arms are orange, which makes this mode a lot brighter than the vehicle mode, and it drowns out the red of his eyes. There's no stickers or paint on this mode above the knees - so aside from the camouflage on his shins he looks really plain. Dreiler, the Car Robots version, used gold plastic instead of silver plastic, and it really gives Dreiler more in his robot mode. This colour scheme is uninspiring.

   Tall and a tad on the lanky side, as you'd expect from a truck toy, it's also very boxy. But it looks pretty good, mouldwise. The dual cannons are on his back in this mode, and they look pretty good there. They're no longer hollow on the undersides as Onslaught's were, which is a nice touch.

   His poseability is in his arms. By virtue of three joints in each shoulder, you can do a lot with his arms. The joints are pretty rigid, too, thanks to them having to support the weight of Ruination's arms. The head can turn 360 degrees, which is unusual for a G1 mould. The turning head _isn't_ needed for his transformation, either - bonus.

   In terms of the mould, I can't really nail down any serious negatives in this mode, and there's a fair few positives. But the change from gold to silver hurts the look of this mode. Sure, the gold and orange are both bright, but on Dreiler this mode works so much better. It still looks better than G2 Onslaught, but that's not really a challenge.


   As mentioned, Dreiler is basically the same toy, released in Car Robots with gold instead of silver plastic.

   There are Arctic and desert camo versions, from the respective Ruination giftsets.


   The mould is a good one, with some minor improvements even. But it's a very old mould, which counts against it. If you don't have Onslaught, he's worth getting, but if you do, you can skip this poorly named repaint. If you do want to get him since he's in the CR/RiD cartoon, I'd recommend Dreiler if you can get it. With okay colours, mould improvements and a shocking name, Mega-Octane gets 5.5/10 - Dreiler I'm giving 7/10, BTW.

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