Doublecross Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Doublecross
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Supply Procurer
Alternate Mode: Two Headed Dragon

Height: ~14cm Length: ~16cm Width: 8cm (depending on the pose)

   Primarily grey, Doublecross' Dragon mode also has some red (lower necks, back), white (back, upper jaws) and black (limbs & wings). He's got spines on his tail, a big white lump on his shoulderblade (a badly-hidden robot mode head) and unpainted eyes. The forelimbs have furr sculpting, while the rest of this mode (along with most of G1) is heavily robotic, making the legs look a tad strange.

   Sounds like bad news so far, but there's some good, too. By virtue of his transformation, the heads both have three joints per neck and opening jaws. The arms & legs can swivel. The wings point straight back, so no real flight poses will work. Still, combining his heads and limbs there's a lot of poseability in this mode for a G1 toy.

   The Monsterbot gimmick of being able to 'breathe' fire fails on Doublecross. The trigger doesn't work well and the fire comes out from between the necks rather than from a mouth.


   Swing the arms back next to the wings and fold the wings forward. Fold the hindlegs up and swing them to the sides, open the two halves of the tail and fold them out. Swing the rear section out to form the legs & stand him up. Swing the arms to the sides and position as desired. Fold the head up & give him his handgun.

Height: 15cm Width: ~13cm

   Again in robot mode, Doublecross is primarily grey. He's got red shoulders & a red groin, white thighs & head (blue eyes), and white outer hands. There's not actually hands as such, just dragon mode heads - with the top jaws being the white parts.

   Doublecross' dragon mode poseability is carried across by virtue of the heads becoming the arms. His arms are poseable (three joints each) and his knees can bend thanks to the transformation. He's good pretty good detailing, especially his face, and fairly good proportions throughout. Sure, he's missing true hands, but that was intentional. The fire-breath trigger sticks out of his torso - he has an 'outie' belly button, I guess.


   None that I know of.


   Well, he's got some problems, but none really get in the way of me enjoying this toy. The colour scheme of grey, red, white & black works well. The hump on his back in dragon mode and the lameness of the gimmick work against him, although the poseability works in his favour - 8/10

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