DOTM Shockwave Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Shockwave
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Tank

Thanks to Morkus for loaning me Shockwave, making this review possible.

Height: 4cm Length: 13.5cm Width: 5cm

   A dark purple mass of highly sculpted kibble with some silver and grey elements, along with a back hose on the left hand side. Aside from some obvious cannons on top, there's not many well defined features & little in the way of colour variation here. There's a small black Decepticon symbol on the larger cannon on the left side, either. I don't dislike this colour scheme, but there's not much to it either; it certainly achieves the alien look the Bay films try to achieve.

   While there's no turret, no hatches & no mineplow here, Shockwave does get some small silver treads at the back, larger partially concealed ones at the front and some purple wheels right at the front of his vehicle mode. The black hose on the side along with the general colour scheme hint at the character here. There are two cannons in this mode, the largest is on the left as I've mentioned, the smaller one on the right is entirely grey and looks like it forms a handgun in robot mode (guess what - it does!). The left cannon has two secondary cannons which can deploy, forming part of his play value.

   Pushing forward on a grey button at the back of the larger cannon causes the two smaller silver cannons on either side to swing out and forward. Unlike many mechtech features, this one has a catch - you can clip the grey button in and leave these secondaries deployed if you like. You'll probably need to detach & reattach the hose to give one of the cannons clearance, but that's easy enough to do & it's composed of a soft plastic. The larger left cannon doesn't anchor that well and detaches from the base of the vehicle easier than I'd like. Shockwave can roll on those front wheels and small hidden black wheels underneath the rear treads.

   A decent tank mode with a lot of sculpted detail, some nice play value and a distantly alien feel. I prefer realistic alt modes so it doesn't grab me all that much, but this is far from a lazy design as some "cybertronian" alt modes can tend to be - the intricate sculpt attests to that. There's enough here to make the subtle tribute to G1 Shockwave apparent, which is nice.


   Quite complex and many of the parts are indistinct (given that the alt mode is a mass of Cybertronian sculpted detail) so I'll summarise. The rear treads become his chest while the large cannon and base for the small cannon become the arms (the grey cannon can actually stay in place, if you like, also). Much of the front half including the treads becomes his legs, complete with fold out feet, heelspurs and kneecaps. The front of the vehicle folds up in a rather convoluted fashion on his back and also hides the robot head. The hose plugs into a dedicated hole on his back, rounding out a rather complex transformation for a toy with a fantasy vehicle mode.

Height: 17cm Width: 17.5cm

   A purple robot with grey on his chest, hips, groin, upper arms and the gun on his left arm. The kneecaps, hands and feet are silver along with much of the details on the massive cannon on his right arm. The black hose hangs off this cannon and clips into the back. The face is a single red eye with a transparent lightpipe - reminiscent of the cyclops face of G1. The Decepticon logo is now on the outside of the large cannon on his left arm, rounding out a simple colour scheme with a good colour mix.

   The sculpt is just as intricate here; in a very movie kind of way - there's a lot of detailing but not many discernible features, aside from the cannon on his right arm & treads on his chest. There's a sort of ribcage on his chest and he has horns on his head - which somewhat resemble the antennae of G1 Shockwave. Shockwave's feet are sculpted so that he stands relaxed, with his legs pushing outwards noticeably.

   Shockwave's poseability is surprisingly limited for a toy with a fantasy alt mode. His head turns while the waist is fixed. His shoulders swing - albeit on an angle - and lift out to the sides while his elbows hinge inwards. There are rotators below the shoulders, but they don't really support his elbows as the wrists don't rotate. Shockwave's hands also hinge inwards and are fixed in an open position - although they can grip his gun. His hips swing and lift out to the sides while the knees are hinged with rotators. The feet are fixed but there's still enough articulation in his legs that they should have good poseability - sadly the wide leg stance kinda gets in the way - some poses the legs are just too far apart and he just looks contorted,

   A good looking robot mode, although it's not as playable as I'd like. The cannon on his right arm still deploys but the poseability is a little disappointing and the handgun is frankly boring given he has a cannon anyway. The colours are understated but the sculpt is excellent - to the point where the sculpt stands out more. He has the cyclops eye thing happening, which greatly helps the tribute.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A good toy despite an alt mode that's total fantasy and a robot mode with some poseability issues. The colours work and the tribute is strong in robot mode while there's enough play value to support his strong display value. The sculpt is excellent and his cannon is well engineered. I don't personally like the aesthetics of this toy (he's too alien for my tastes) , but can't fault the effort. Recommended if you like the concept - 8/10

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