DOTM Legion Roadbuster Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Roadbuster
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Chevy Impala Racing Car

Height: 4cm Length: 13.5cm Width: 5cm

   A green and white stock racing car, Roadbuster is pine green on top with white sides and some painted detailing here and there. There's red "88"s on the roof and doors, "AMP ENERGY" on the hood and smaller AMP logos on the doors. There are Dale Earndhart Jr. signatures above the side windows, small "National Guard" decals and Nascar decals - both on the doors. This is far less than on an actual Nascar vehicle, but at this size (and pricepoint) it's fairly generous. His headlights are painted silver and the taillights red, his windows are transparent and the tyres black. There's no Autobot logo visible in this mode. The colours work work and it's a reasonable approximation of the actual Nascar vehicle as well.

   This car is pretty much a series of panels over a robot, so there's not that many seams and no kibble, so it looks pretty good. The sculpt is decent, although on the simpler side for a movie toy. There's a cage on the driver's side window, a fuelcap, grille on the front and rivets on the front of the hood (the clip style seen on stock cars). I don't expect all that much more visually, but neither the headlights or Chevy logo on the front are sculpted - just painted.

   The play value is fairly simple but useful enough - which is about all we'd expect from a movie sports car. The wheels roll and there's a small hole on the roof where his weapon can mount. One really cool aspect is the fact that there's a "cover" to this hole that pushes in when you insert the weapon and pushes back up when it's removed. The weapon itself is a typical "mechtech" accessory - it's spring loaded but can't stay in place. It's a green chainsaw with silver teeth. As you pull back the grey tab on top the sides (the chain itself) pushes out and forward. There's also a small barrel at the front of this weapon, giving him a ranged weapon as well.

   A solid vehicle mode despite relatively low detail in the sculpt. The colours work and the paint job is more complex than we usually see, helping to offset the sculpt. There's no kibble and the weapon is nice enough. It sure beats the Legions toy with its permanently attached weaponry, too.


   It's pretty complex as is typical of many shellformers, so I'll summarise. His torso & head are under the hood while the legs are basically the camshaft. The doors become his arms while most of the shell folds up fairly compactly on his back. The front fenders become chestplates and the rear ones become missilepods over his shoulders.

Height: 15cm Width: 8cm

   The green mostly gives way to a grey here - it's not quite "Hasbro Grey", thankfully, it's a shade darker. There is still a fair amount of green though, on his chestpads, shoulders, kneecaps, head and the missilepods above his shoulders. There are some silver painted details - most notably his face and and a small Autobot logo on his right shoulder. The eyes are a single transparent blue piece of plastic, shaped like diving goggles, and have a very nice lightpipe. There are fairly prominent black tyres on his hips and the sculpted missiletips on those pods are painted a dark metallic blue. Overall while he's mainly grey there's enough colour here to make Roadbuster interesting, even if the torso is a little bare.

   The bodyshape here is pretty good although he sports quite a bit of kibble. Much of the top of the car sits on his back and while it's out of the way it's still quiet visible. The gunned over his shoulders are a nice visual touch. The sculpt is excellent - there's a turbine on his chest and struts in his shins amongst the highlights here. The gun plugs onto the outside of either forearm and looks good there.

   There's a good dose of play value here; much of which is the poseability. His neck, shoulders and hips are ball jointed which the knees are elbows are hinged with rotators. The ankles are hinged and the feet anchor him well. His hands are moulded into open poses since his weapon attaches to the forearms & he doesn't need to grasp. There are cover holes on the arms just as on the roof of car mode, it's easy to pop them back out too when you're done thanks to green tabs inside his forearms. There's some poseability to the missilepods, but they can't so much aim as change their height. It's still a nice visual bonus. The action feature of his weapon is identical in this mode.

   A nice robot mode, although he really needs some colour on the grey chest. There are enough nice visual elements to offset this, but he doesn't quite reach his potential. The play value is good if not great - the weapon really needs to lock open.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A good toy with some great aspects but also some frustratingly obvious shortcomings. The vehicle mode looks great and the robot mode would with a little more colour - it still looks very good, mind you. The play value is good but could have been better with some sort of lock in the weapon. Recommended if you like the DOTM designs in general - 8/10

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