DOTM Legion Topspin Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Topspin
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Stock Car

Height: 2cm Length: 7.5cm Width: 3cm

   A navy & white stock racing car, Topspin is essentially navy with white around the top of the doors, boot/trunk and the back of the bonnet/hood. He has metallic gunmetal windows, yellow "48"s on either door and "LOWES" in big white lettering across the hood. There's also a small white GM logo on his hood between his silver headlights. Rounding out the colour scheme are matte black plastic tyres. There's no allegiance symbol in this mode.

   Topspin is a Chevy Impala deck out to race, but he comes without the weaponry seen on the larger version. The wheels represent the only play value here, which is typical for this size class. Topspin's sculpt is pretty good, with seams and the little clips seen on racing cars (for easy opening/closing of panels during pit stops) and unpainted taillights.

   While the painted detail is low for a stock car, I can't see how the smaller secondary sponsor stickers could possibly be present at this scale. The sculpt and general paint job are good, making this a solid vehicle mode.


   Flip back the spoiler, split the rear to form legs. Split the top of the vehicle to form his arms & reveal the head and torso, lift up the forearms.

Height: 8.5cm Width: 6cm

   A grey robot with navy & white boots, black groin and thighs and half a car hanging off the back of his arms. He has some metallic blue paint around his head on what looks like a barrister's wig. He has a mid blue eyestrip but the rest of the head and torso are unpainted. There's a white stamped Autobot logo on the right thigh - the only allegiance symbol on this toy. The colour scheme here is simpler and the paint job sparser than in vehicle mode - which is unusual for a Legions toy, since they're sold in robot mode and tend to have more detail in this mode.

   It's really difficult to not notice the giant car shell pieces behind his arms - they really dominate this mode. The hands are claws and they're very slender but long. His torso and head are quite detailed, so he doesn't look too bare.

   There's not a lot of poseability here. Topspin's elbows are hinged and the left claw opens and shuts on a hinge and his hips are ball jointed which gives him a little bit of leg movement.

   An underwhelming robot mode that's very much dominated by the car hanging off the back. While I wouldn't say it's a disaster, this robot mode is less than we expect of Legends/Legions toys now. The detailing and paint job save Topspin's robot mode - it's okay and given the kibble, he's done well.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A very limited Legion toy, Topspin has a good vehicle mode but a pretty disappointing robot mode. While the robot mode's not a write off, he's such a shellformer than it's hard to really enjoy it. Still, the detailing and paint job on Topspin are good, making him a passable if not a great toy - 5.5/10

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