DOTM Legion Crankcase Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Crankcase
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: SUV

Height: 2.5cm Length: 7cm Width: 3cm

   A black SUV with unpainted black windows, silver headlights and orange indicators, Crankcase also sports some orange on the edges of his roof (on what are meant to be twin stroberacks). There are silver Decepticon logos stamped on the front doors, rounding out a sparse but sensible colour scheme. It's pretty obvious that the lack of paint on the windows is a cost measure, but on a black SUV I can live with this - sure it's cynical but it works fine. So overall it's a good colour scheme despite this aspect.

   Crankcase transforms into a Chevrolet Suburban, and he has quite a lot of detail. There's an air-intake on the hood, detailing on his headlights, door seams & handles, rear vision mirrors, front and rear license plate and ridges on the roof. He even sports a tiny GM badge on his grille. Granted much of this detailing is against black (the headlight details are the only exception to this), but the detailing is mighty impressive for this size class. Play value is all I'd expect here - rolling wheels.

   While the colour scheme cuts the black-windows-on-a-black-toy corner, this is a good vehicle mode overall. With the paint apps being all in the right places, the sparse paint isn't really an issue. The sculpt is somewhat lost in the black, but it's still excellent.


   Pull the sides out to form arms, pull back & unfold the rear to form legs and feet. Split the feet (if pulling them back didn't already do so), fold down the headlights down to form his chest, which also reveals the head - which is hidden underneath the centre of his hood (and that part doesn't fold down). Swing the arms into position & stand him up. Swing the shoulders forward slightly, bringing the headlights closer together. Swing back the hood panel, giving his head some clearance behind it and you're done.

Height: 9cm Width: 5.5cm

   A black robot with some gold paint on his knees, silver paint on his waist, mouth & "braids", Crankcase has twin red slits for eyes while the silver & orange headlights are on his chest. The Decepticon logos are now on the outsides of his arms, not especially prominent (but visible from the sides). Again it's a dark colour scheme but with enough paint to give him some definition. There's no doubting that this character is a Decepticon in these colours.

   There's quite a bit of sculpted detail - especially on the head and neck. The braids in the sides of his head continue down onto his collar, although the lower sections aren't painted. The eyes and mouth are detailed and there's some detailing on his legs as well. The arms are slender things, being the door panels of the vehicle mode. The right arm ends in a fairly visible hand while the left arm ends in a not-so-visible claw, sculpted inside the panel. Aside from these compromised arms (and poor left hand) it's a well laid out & sculpted robot mode.

   Poseability is okay, but limited by weird leg joints. Crankcase's hips and shoulders are ball jointed while the knees and ankles fold forward (on hinges which exist for his transformation. It can be a little tricky to line up all four of these hinges, since his feet follow that recent trend of sloping inwards (allowing for the legs to assume a relaxed pose). The problem isn't so much the hinges but that the feet slope a little too much, causing some poses that should be stable to overbalance

   A decent robot mode but one with a couple of flaws holding it back. His arms are limited - something I can live with at this pricepoint, and the feet weren't properly designed - which affects poseability. The sculpt and paint job are on point, mind you, which makes this robot mode work.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A worthwhile Legion class toy with good use of paint despite unpainted windows (which he gets away with) and a great sculpt. The vehicle mode is his better mode, the transformation is clever and the robot mode has some nice detailing. The feet and arms are his main drawbacks, but neither are dealbreakers - 7/10

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