DOTM Guzzle Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Guzzle
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Tank

Height: 3.5cm Length: 10.5cm Width: 3.5cm

   An army green rank with charcoal guns on top of the turret, which also sports a charcoal cannon. The treads are painted a pale olive while there's some white & silver painted details on the sides. At the back on either side he has "C-313" painted in yellow, which is a reference to Hardspark (G1 Guzzle's Japanese cousin). Strictly speaking this toy isn't meant to represent G1 Guzzle (or Hardspark), but given that he doesn't appear in the film, this is one that will be repurposed by many fans (I'm one of them!) as a Classicsverse Guzzle, so I'm going to treat him as such. And while these colours aren't quite those of Guzzle, they're close enough to make the tribute quite obvious - that pale olive on his treads really helps. Curiously, there's no allegiance symbol here.

   Guzzle has a good sculpt, with the obligatory hatches, tread links and such. There are also vents at the back and lines of rivets running down the sides. The level of detail is typical of the movie lines, and by the numbers for a tank really, but it's all I'd ask for at this size. The two guns on top of the turret are nice touches, even if one is more of a missileblock than a gun. There's just a hint of kibble under the front of the turret.

   The play value here is disappointing. While most modern Transformers tanks have turrets that rotate - and G1 Guzzle had one - this tank's turret is fixed. The two smaller guns can rotate but the main cannon is fixed in place. There are four small charcoal wheels underneath, but he tends to slide along smooth surfaces anyway.

   A nice looking, well detailed, tank that is a nice realistic update to G1 Guzzle, but is actually a step back in play value. It works well enough - he's static but looks good - but is the weaker mode of this toy.


   Detach the top guns, unfold the missilerack one and set them aside. Fold the back of the turret over, swing down the rear of the tank. Pivot the rear back, unclipping the middle section of the treads - forming the legs. Split the legs & fold down his feet. Pull out the front "fenders" as shoulders, split the turret which forms his forearms. Fold up the bottom edges of the shoulders, swing forward his forearms, place the guns in either hand.

Height: 12cm Width: 8cm

   An army green, beige, pale olive and yellow robot. Guzzle has army green on his outer thighs, inner shins, forearms and the top of his shoulders. The head & inner thighs are beige while the shoulder and outer sins are pale olive while his torso is yellow. His face is entirely mid blue while there's a red Autobot logo stamped on his chest. The feet and cannon sticking out from behind his head are charcoal along with the wheels visible on his limbs. It's a rather mixed colour scheme but works surprisingly well and has a G1 feel about it. The tribute is strong - they're really paid close attention to G1 when painting this toy (even if he's not the mustard yellow of G1).

   While the colours are very much anchored in G1, the bodyshape here is more movie His torso is fairly small while his limbs are all stocky - Guzzle is a wide, beefy looking little fellow. The fingers are well sculpted and the arms overall have a movie feel about them - details and somewhat alien. The overall look is a fusion of G1 and movie elements, so he'll work in the Classicsverse well enough while still fitting in with over movie toys.

   The play value centres on his weapons - they can fit into either hand as mentioned or can combine into a double-barrelled gun which plugs into one hand (my preferred option). The cannon on his back can move now - you can rotate it through 180 so it points down - it's still visible between his legs in a not-recommended-for-children kinda way, so I say leave it up as a G1 tribute. It can swing back, allowing Guzzle to fire at anyone trying to sneak up on him. His poseability is decent with ball joints in his shoulders, elbows and knees while the elbows also feature hinges (as do the ankles).

   While the stocky bodyshape won't suit everyone - and it's not quite what you'd expect of a Classicsverse toy - this is a nice robot mode and one that one that'll fit in with Classics or movie toys - it straddles the divide nicely. The play value is decent but by no means spectacular while the weapons give us some options. A good robot mode overall, despite some limitation.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Like Powerglide, this Commander is sold in the movie line but is really aiming at collectors of Classicsverse. And like Powerglide, he works well enough in both lines, thanks to a well thought out tribute. The tank mode is static and the robot mode a little alien and buff for the Classics series, but both modes nail the tribute and this toy is distinctly based on G1 Guzzle, so he's most rewarding when viewed as a tribute. Recommended if you like the character & Classicsverse in general - 8/10

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