DOTM Commander Sentinel Prime Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Sentinel Prime
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Fire Truck

Height: 4.5cm Length: 9.5cm Width: 3cm

   A boxy red fire truck with a black front and silver roof, Sentinel Prime is the type of fire truck usually found at airports. The front windows are unpainted & left as black - and this looks underdone, sadly. On either side is a black stylise "CR" logo, "316" in white and silver Autobot logos towards the back. I would have preferred the number or "CR" being dropped in favour of some paint on the windows, but he still comes out okay in the end.

   As I mentioned this is a boxy fire truck - he's essentially a long box with six black plastic wheels on the bottom & a silver water cannon on the roof. Okay, so the front is rounded off and there's a decent sculpt on the top & sides (most of which is simple lines). There's not a lot of kibble here, although the sword clipped underneath is visible from the front or back - it's not very intrusive though. Aside from the wheels rolling there's no play value here. The water cannon can sort of swing to either side, but this puts pressure on the joint which is meant for transformation.

   A good little vehicle mode overall, even if the front window needs some paint. What really impresses me is how well formed this vehicle mode is compared to the anything-but-boxy robot mode (in which Sentinel Prime is packaged). Sure there's no play value, but this is excusable given how much the transformation has to do here.


   Detach and set aside the sword. Split the rear, unclip the water cannon & set aside. Swing the sides of the roof out & forward to form wings, swing the sides of the vehicle down as arms, which will split the windshield & pivot to form the chest. Flip up his head, swing the wings back down onto his back. Rotate the boots, flip out the feet & stand him up. Pivot the arms into position. Place the sword in one hand. Rotate the water cannon around against its base, fold the bottom out to form his shield & plug into the other hand.

Height: 10.5cm Width: 8cm

   A black & red robot with extensive silver painted details. Sentinel Prime's boots, groin, forearms and head are red while his chest, thighs & upper arms are black. The groin, chest, boots and shoulderpads all feature silver paint, along with the face that also features small painted blue eyes. There are no Autobot logos visible in this mode (they're actually on the insides of his ankles). Again this colour scheme works out well enough - if anything it's better than that of his vehicle mode which has fewer paint applications.

   There's a passing resemblance to RiD Ultra Magnus here, since his boots are tall and his legs very long overall. What's more, the long silver wings hanging off his back are similar to those on that character, as it happens. I suspect these similarities have more to do with both turning into long boxy trucks than any deliberate design choice. This robot mode is quite spread out compared to that box, too - the wings and shoulderpads give him some volume. Aside from his long legs the proportions are good.

   Sentinel Prime has pretty good play value here for a toy of this size. His head and waist are fixed while his shoulders, hips and knees are ball jointed. His ankles and elbows are hinged. The sword is a red and silver affair which doesn't do anything but be a sword, but it forms a nice menacing looking close combat weapon. The shield also doesn't do much more that be a shield, but it has a sunken (and painted) Cybertonian glyph on the front. Actually, I lie - you can partly transform the shield to form a guitar shape, allowing Sentinel Prime to get musical. The poseability and two handheld accessories make him fairly versatile.

   A good robot mode despite the very long legs. The colours work and there's a lot of painted detail here. The weapons work well and the poseability is decent. Aside from the lack of an Autobot logo, I have no real complaints here.


   None that I know of.


   A well designed little toy that does an amazing job of exploding a boxy fire truck into a majestic robot with wings and shoulderpads. Sentinel Prime's colours work well enough, the weapons are good and both integrate into his vehicle mode. The only notable flaw here is the unpainted windshield, which is fairly minor, really. Recommended if you like the smaller movieverse toys & the clever transformations the movie line generally offers - 8.5/10

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