Divebomb Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Divebomb
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Aerial Assault
Alternate Mode: Eagle

Height: 14cm Depth: 7cm Width: 27cm

   An orange and black eagle with his wings permanently out to the sides in a soaring pose, Divebomb reminds me of a Phoenix rising from the ashes when standing up. He has black feather-like panels on his wings which are covered in gold stickers that go well with the orange. He has a red groin and yellow breastplate, which are subtle enough to not break up the orange and black colour scheme. On his back there's also a yellow backpack, and he has yellow eyes (his head is black, so they contrast well). Overall, this is a colour scheme I like, and it fits nicely amongst the Predacons.

   There's really very little play mode. His feet are tiny, but they do wiggle a bit, as does the orange tail on his back (it's flattened like a real eagle's tail). You can lift the head up to put him in a flying pose, which is probably the main articulation in this mode.

   Despite the fact that Divebomb doesn't do much, he has enough going for him for me to like this mode. The little feet, the feather-plates, flat tail and gold stickers are all nice features. He has a Decepticon logo on the yellow breastplate, his rubsign is oddly hidden on the underside of his tail.

   The main drawback of this mode is that it's largely the robot mode tucked away with a set of wings on it's back. While it's still clearly a bird of prey, the main body is awfully blocky. It's not enough to ruin this mode, but the legs do look more like folded up robot legs than I'd like (that's because they are, though).


   Swing down the wingtips (the feather sections), swing up the bird's head to reveal the robot face. Tuck the bird's feet in, swing down the robot shins. Pull the robot arms out from the sides, extend the forearms and slide out the hands. Give him is weaponry if you wish.

Height: 18cm Width: 19cm

   Again largely orange and black, Divebomb has a black head with orange forehead and painted red face, a black chest with yellow chestplate and orange arms with yellow hands. His groin is red, thighs orange and his shins and feet are black. There's also the considerable wingspan of his backpack, which is orange, gold and black. For the most part this is a pretty decent colour scheme, although the yellow fists are a little out of place. The Decepticon logo on his chest is still there, and the rubsign is still concealed.

   There are two flaws here worth mentioning. The first is the bird's beak forming a big crest on top of his head. It's sort of halfway between being a feature and being kibble. The second is his back heaviness. While he's able to stand, he can topple over fairly easily. While heelspurs would have been nice, the backpack is removable (since it doubles as Predaking's backpack), so this problem can be worked around.

   The cool thing about this mode is the poseability. The knees and hips hinge independently, and while he can't stand in too many leg poses, the tail does provide something of an anchor in some poses. His waist ratchets 360 and his shoulders swing up and down (or right around if you've removed the backpack).

   On balance, this is a decent robot mode. Neither flaw really ruins a good looking robot mode. Sure, he has a big crest, but the cape formed from his wings looks cool. Really the main thing that troubles me is the lack of heelspurs, since it'd really add to his play value if he was stable in a wider variety of poses.


   There's a plastic chest version and a rarer metal version, which has a die cast groin.


   Not the best Predacon, but not the worst, Divebomb has enough going for him that I recommend him. The colour scheme works, his robot and bird modes are both nice, although not without their flaws. Of course, the main reason you'd want him is for Predaking anyway, so if you want Predaking he's a must. Ignoring his necessity for the Gestalt, I give him 7/10

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