Dirgegun Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Dirgegun
Series: Beast Wars Second
Allegiance: Destron
Function: Aerial Captain
Alternate Mode: Cyborg Wasp

Height: 7cm Length: 15cm Width: 15cm

   A cobalt blue cyborg wasp, Dirgegun is a significant retool of Waspinator and an evolution of BW2 Dirge. Despite being predominantly blue, this is not G1 Dirge. Anyway, Dirgegun is blue with black stripes on his abdomen while the front two sets of legs are black, along with his antennae. The left side of his head, both wings, tail spine, right rear leg and left edge of his abdomen are all re-sculpted cyborg parts, using grey plastic. The natural eye is bright pink along with a smaller, mechanical eye, on the left side while his cyborg backplate has an added cannon. Rounding out the colour scheme, Dirgegun's wings are a slightly darker, ever so slightly transparent grey with silver highlights. It's a nice colour scheme for a cyborg - the colours aren't what you'd call realistic, but they're not trying to be. Since the blue and greys work together and the pink is very sparing, I quite like this colour scheme.

   The basic wasp shape is quite good, since it's taken from Waspinator, who is quite realistic. The blue elements, about 60% of the insect, are organic while the the grey pieces are purely cyborg, and are remoulded to varying degrees - the head and abdomen pieces are sculpted but retain their shape while the wings are a different shape and the cannon on his back is a new addition. The cyborg sculpting is excellent, with little turbines on his wings, metallic teeth on his mouthpart amongst a myriad of other details.

   If there's a failing here, it would have to be poseability. The front two pairs of legs are pretty much immobile, while the rear set are quite poseable, since they become the robot legs. The wings are on ball joints and are quite poseable. While I wouldn't call this bad poseability - most BW insect modes pretty much just stand there - the legs are relatively static. Having said that, Dirgegun is fairly easy to stand, which can't be said for some of the more poseable BW insects.

   The play value is still worthwhile, mind you. Dirgegun's cannon can fold forward, and doubles as a missile launcher, firing the missiles stowed under his wings. While Waspinator has (similar) missiles under his wings, they're nothing but cargo in his beast mode - the missile launcher is play value added for Dirgegun.

   A great mould to begin with, and Dirgegun's modifications only help him along. The wasp is still clearly defined despite the mech detailing added. The wings and cannon are the most significant changes and both are good visual enhancements, while the cannon also doubles as a useful missile launcher.


   Remove the gun from the abdomen, set it aside. Pull the robot legs out from the abdomen, swing the robot groin up into place, swing the thighs down and fold the shins up into place. It's best if you position the upper insect legs so he can bend his knees. Fold out the robot arms and swing down & split the insect head to become the chest. The robot chest doesn't open out like Waspinator's dead (and there's no mutant head) - making the transformation slightly simpler. Lastly, detach a missile and place into the gun and place the gun in his hand.

Height: 12.5cm Width: 14cm

   Again a mix of cobalt blue and grey, Dirgegun's right chest, arms, right thigh and left boot are blue while the left chest, left thigh and left boot are re-sculpted grey. His head is totally re-sculpted with a grey right side, white teeth and pink eyes. There are some cherry red painted highlights, while the transparent grey wings hang from his back like a cape. While the large pink insect eye on the right of his chest is a little offputting, there's a rubsign in the middle of the chest, between the two halves of his head. Pink eye aside, this is a nice colour scheme. It's very uneven, but this works in the context of a cyborg.

   There are quite features of this robot mode that impress me - some inherent to the mould and some that are all Dirgegun. The wings as a cape, cyborg sculpted head and rubsign are all new elements that impress me while the split insect head on his chest and solid footprints are carried over from Waspinator. The wings sit differently now, and really give Dirgegun a different feel - which is always a good thing for a retool.

   Dirgegun's poseability is impressive. The head, shoulders, hips, knees and wings are all ball jointed while his elbows are hinged. The cannon on his back can lift up, you're also able to detach the centre of his chest, swinging the head and cannon foreward to allow the missile launcher to be used in this mode (this will fold the head down and out of sight). He has a handheld launcher, of course, so the cannon's deployment is really only a bonus - however considerable effort has gone into making sure it can be used in robot mode.

   Again a great cyborg, this time as a robot. The front legs of the wasp hang off his forearms and can get annoying, but they don't hamper poseability. I've already mentioned the pink beast eye, but neither of these shortcomings are enough to bring this robot mode down. Based on a good toy, with a few nice enhancements and a very different feel, Dirgegun's robot mode is rewarding.


   None as such, although as mentioned he's a repaint and significant retool of Waspinator (and Buzz Saw, by extension). Dirgegun represents an upgraded version of BW2 Dirge.


   A great toy with excellent cyborg aspects, Dirgegun has two solid modes, a nice colour scheme and useful play value thanks to two firing projectiles. The robot mode is poseable and the wasp mode stands on its own, making him fun to play with. From a collector's point of view, Dirgegun is a significant retool and is different enough from Waspinator that he's worth getting - even if you have Beast Wars' slapstick Predacon. As with all the cyborg beasts he's a little tricky to find - but it's worth the effort - 8.5/10

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