Deszaras Toy Review

Individual Review

Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Destron
Function: Emperor of Destruction
Vehicular Mode: Robotic Dragon

Thanks to Pulse for lending me Deszaras for this review.

Comes with EagleBreast & TigerBreast, small companions that transform from beast to breastplate to gun.

Height: 27cm Length: 30cm Width: 23.5cm

   A silver European dragon with dark blue limbs and baby blue wings, Deszaras's head and neck are chromed with his beak composed of gold chrome and his eyes painted red. His feet are chromed also, in a bronze colour - giving Deszaras three different chrome colours. It's a somewhat disparate colour set - which is fairly typical of Takara's Destron leaders down the years - but the silver and blues dominate so he gets away with it fairly well. I can't say I love this colour scheme, but it does the job. There are a few stickers here and there, most notably big red ones on the back of his wings with Decepticon logos on them.

   I'm somewhat surprised that Takara went for a European dragon, but I guess the Asian dragon would have been much harder to do. He's a decent representation of a dragon too - there are spines on the back of his neck and gold teeth inside the permanently open beak. The front legs are small blue vestigial affairs with simple claws, while the tail tapers and curves up. He's not much to too at from directly behind, since the robot groin is visible and the chest plate between his wings is very flat and square.

   There's some poseability here - more than you'd expect of a robotic beast of this era. While his lower jaw is permanently open the head can move up and down. The forelimbs swing a little at the shoulders while the elbows also bend. His hips swing while the knees and ankles are hinged, and the wings can swing up and down. Most of the poseability is a side effect of his transformation, but it still feels intentional in this mode. The hindlegs are geared more for stability than posing, but there is a range of poses available here.

   Unlike G1 toys, there is a specific place for Deszaras to use his weapon here. The blue gun can plug into either hip - the holes look like screw holes but they're not - they exist to allow the gun to plug in. You can plug either or both of the breast partners into his back, if you wish.

   For the time this is a good robotic beast mode. There's plenty of chrome, the colours are relatively unified, the poseability is great for the era and Deszaras's size is imposing. He compares well to many later beasts, too. This alternate mode is clearly not something Hasbro would ever conceive - the chrome placement and colours are very Japanese, which gives him a slightly Non-Transformer feel here, but this is a good dragon mode all the same.


   Detach and set aside his tail. Fold away the forelimbs and fold the head down under his body, revealing the robot head in its place. Open the panels on his rump, flip over the rump area to form robot legs, flip out his heelspurs and stand him up. Swing the hindlegs up, allowing clearance for the wings, which fold down against his body. Pivot the hindlegs up to form arms, fold back the dragon feet, swinging the robot hands into place. Open the tail and plug into the hole on either shoulder as a shield (okay, I lied, the holes do this as well as hold his gun). You can place either TigerBreast, EagleBreast or both onto his chestplate, leave both off or attach both (TigerBreast will be the one on top, visible).

Height: 27cm Width: 16.5cm

   A silver robot with blue and bronze arms, a blue head with a silver face, transparent violet visor and bronze crest with red eyes, Deszaras has black fists and feet along with a black groin and black thighs. The chest will be either silver (no plate), blue and bronze (TigerBreast) or red (EagleBreast). Curiously only EagleBreast gives him a Decepticon logo on his chest. The colours are again fairly Japanese. I don't like this colour layout as much as the dragon mode - the addition of black and loss of baby blue doesn't work for me. It's not a bad colour scheme, but doesn't feel as unified with the loss of the baby blue.

   We have three weapon options - the baby blue gun, which includes a sculpted mace-on-chain underneath, a sort of folded up TigerBreast or a boxy double-barrelled red block formed from EagleBreast. While the smaller Breastforce toys have partners which form quite convincing guns, and generally look good with bare chests, neither partner here makes for a great gun, and the silver chest looks very bare. The baby blue gun works well enough that I'm not worried, although it's a shame that the gimmick falls a little flat.

   Deszaras is very boxy which is typical of the larger G1 Japanese toys, but within that context his bodyshape is good. The wings sort of hang off his back as a cape, the shield on his shoulder is imposing and the breast partners both look good mounted on his chest.

   His poseability is good for the time - his shoulders swing and the elbows bend while the hips lift out to the sides and the knees bend. The hips don't _need_ to lift out, incidentally. Along with the breast options, this provides Deszaras with some play value.

   This is Deszaras's weaker mode, since the colours don't quite work as well and the breast partner options don't quite work as well as might be hoped. It's not a bad robot mode - the head is well detailed and the breast options are still admirable - but it's a little underwhelming for a large flagship toy such as this.


   A gold tiger with a big blue block on his back and bronze wings, he's essentially a tiger with a chestplate on his back. Having said that, he does this quite well - the wings sell the tiger mode and justify the kibble. The eyes are red and the tail is black.


   A red bird that folds up into a red block, there's more than a hint of Squawktalk here. The beak and eyes are silver while the blue sticker carrying that Decepticon logo is on his back. The feed are black. While his appearance isn't as striking as TigerBreast, he doesn't carry any kibble either.


   None that I know of, but they'd be worth a fortune.


   Deszaras is one of those figures that's so ridiculously expensive that recommendations are kinda pointless. He's one for the completist of the die-hard series fan. Still, the dragon mode is good for the era, there's lots of chrome and the double breast gimmick is interesting. The robot mode is a little bland and boxy, but it's far from the worst large robot mode from Japanese G1. If you're a fan of Victory, you'll probably want a central character such as Deszaras, but he comes with a hefty pricetag - 6.5/10

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