Desert Blackout Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Desert Blackout
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: MH-53 Pave Low Helicopter

Height: 3cm Length: 9.5cm Width: 3.5cm, rotorspan 9.5cm

   A beige chopper similar to the regular, full sized, Blackout. "Desert" Blackout is a repaint of the grey Legends Blackout - hence the designation. His cockpit windows are painted a matte black while the six blade rotor is a pale brown, along with the smaller rotor on the tail. The engines and pontoons are painted silver. While this is a fairly simple colour scheme and these aren't the colours we saw in the film, this is an attractive colour scheme in its own right.

   Ironically this is a better chopper shape than the larger toy in some ways. Firstly it doesn't have that awkward and loose cage under the tail for the Scorponok accessory. Secondly, the problems at the front caused by the automorph slipping teeth aren't an issue, since Legends don't have automorphs. Of course, we loose quite a bit of detailing at this scale, but the gun and refuelling probe at the front are both present. The tail piece is a little loose, but gravity keeps it in position, as opposed to pulling the cage out of position.

   Play value is minimal as you might expect. The rotor spins quite well considering that it's made of two collapsable pieces. There are no wheels underneath, but Blackout has been designed to lay flat on the table, which I appreciate. The tiny tail rotor also spins freely.

   A good chopper mode, despite the random nature of the repaint. The colours are nice, so at this pricepoint the random repaint isn't really an issue. The mould is good - as Legends go this is a great chopper mode.


   Pull the rear sections of the underside out and rotate back to form boots. Swing the rotor back, fold up the tail - the rotor ends up forming a three-pronged backpack. Split the cabin and fold down to the sides forming arms and revealing the head.

Height: 8.5cm Width: 6cm

   A beige robot with pale brown thighs and upper arms, Blackout has silver on his chest, crown and groin while the face is black with red eyes. His fists are also black while the knees are violet. The paint mask here is pretty complex for a Legends toy - maybe Hasbro decided to splash out since he's a repaint. While it's not as successful as the colour scheme of the chopper mode, the relatively complex paint mask makes Blackout's robot mode look good as Legends go.

   There's some simplification as you'd expect, but the shoulders are quite well replicated and the head is similar to the full sized version. The arms end up with some kibble on the outsides - the cabin halves - but overall he does okay. Even the blades in his back resemble the semi-folded blades seen in the film. The backpack is smaller than on the bigger toy, since there's no gimmick housed there.

   The poseability is quite limited for a toy with six ball joints. The ball jointed shoulders provide most of the poseability, since the elbows hinge sideways. The hips and knees aren't much use, since the knees can't swing back and the footprints aren't large enough for the poses offered by the hips. So we have lots of ball joints, but only swinging arms.

   While this mode isn't as strong as his chopper mode, it's not a loss either. Blackout is more static than I'd like, but he still looks pretty good and the repaint works. The sculpt is decent, and he lacks that cheap feel that we see on many Legends toys.


   None that I'm aware of. Desert Blackout is sold in a two pack alongside Ironhide.


   A cool chopper mode and a decent robot mode make this a worthwhile Legends mould. Whether or not you feel the repaint is worthwhile depends on how much you like the chopper mode's colours. They're kinda random but work well. The painted elements on Desert Blackout are more than you get on most Legends toys, too. If you don't have the originals Legends Blackout, then I would recommend this guy (alongside Ironhide), and he's still worth considering even if you do - 7.5/10

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