Dead End Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Dead End
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Warrior
Alternate Mode: Porsche 929

Height: 2cm Length: 8cm Width: 3.5cm

   A maroon Porsche 929 with a yellow stripe running from front to back. The yellow stripe is slightly off centre to the left, and is formed from five separate paper stickers. Dead End has black windows and black plastic tyres, which all roll. The hubcaps are metal rivets - which works quite well, and he has Decepticon symbols on either door. Dead End has a rubsign indent on his roof, with a rubsign indent that faces backwards. All in all it's a good colour scheme that's slightly on the drab side, which suits Dead End's character perfectly.

   There are lines all over this car - door seams, sunroof seams (broken by the rubsign indent), hood seams and even taillights. Additionally, he has moulded front indicators and moulded front headlights. The headlights are probably the most recognisable feature of this model Porsche - they lie flat, facing up, popping out of their sockets when in use. The moulding is good overall, although the back of the car is a mess since both his knee joints and attack gun mounting hole are here.

   Play value is about what you'd expect - he can roll on his wheels and adding the big black guns on top makes a rather weird attack Porsche. I don't care since Dead End is about combining, not about his vehicle mode (that's what his Binaltech version is for).

   For the size and time, this is a pretty detailed Porsche, and I like the fact that they chose such a distinctive model - it makes him seem more realistic. Add in that the colours work well for Dead End, and you've got a pretty good car mode, despite it not doing much. The only real flaw is the reliance on five stickers for the stripe - one falls off you have to remove the other four since the effect is ruined.


   It's pretty simple, really. Swing the front of the vehicle up to reveal the head. Pull out the rear and swing the legs out sideways. The sides become the arms - all you need to do is swing his shoulders. Give him his handgun.

Height: 9cm Width: 3.5cm

   A fairly standard looking square peg combiner, if on the lanky side. The maroon gives way to a lot of black now - his head, arms and thighs are black while his boots are maroon. The majority of his torso is die cast metal, except the central stripe that becomes Menasor's shoulder strut. Rounding out the colours, he has yellow stickers on his ankles and a gold face. It's a good colour scheme, with a good mix of light and dark.

   The gold face is something of a distinctive feature for this character - he kept it in the cartoon and it was retained on the recent Binaltech version. The cartoon and BT heads don't really look much like this one - the mould is more complex than the simplified version in the cartoon. The gold face holds it all together, really - and gives this toy some personality.

   The play value is laughable by modern standards - his shoulders rotate and that's it. This is typical of the G1 combiner limbs, and doesn't give Dead End much to do.

   The mould is still fairly detailed and Dead End has a big chuck of die cast, which will please a lot of more traditional fans. The colours are his best asset - while there's no obvious flaws, this mode isn't really all that interesting. It does what it has to do, and nothing more.


   There were two releases of this toy - one in 1986 and another in 1990 in Classic packaging. I've been unable to find any differences between the two.


   A memorable character but a fairly unremarkable toy. Still, he's one of the better Stunticons and is worth getting simply to have the set - allowing you to form Menasor. The colours are nice and the car mode relatively detailed, but if you're not collecting the set, I'd stop just short of recommending Dead End - 5/10

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