Daytonus Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Daytonus
Series: Robots in Disguise
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Le Mans Racer

Height: 2cm Length: 7.5cm Width: 3cm

   A yellow and black Porsche 956 Turbo racing car (thanks to Dana Patch for the model) with silver headlights, air intakes and windows. Daytonus' base colour is yellow, the black runs in two stripes down the sides converging on the spoiler. He's got free rolling black wheels with silver painted hubcaps. Like other Spychangers, he can roll freely and straight on his axled wheels.

   Combining a nice colour scheme with a free-rolling car, Daytonus is a cool little racer. He's even got a nifty Autobot symbol stamped on top of the car. Probably the best of the "new" mould Spychangers in car mode, in fact.


   Remove the gun, pull down the legs, fold over the hood and pull the arms out. Give him back his gun, and you're done.

Height: 7cm Width: 4.5cm

   The yellow and black colour scheme of the car mode stays in robot mode, with white added. The arms and chest are yellow, the sides of the torso and the lower legs are black, with a white head (black eyes) and white thighs. The gun is black.

   The chest is a little wide compared to the rest of him, but his arms are a little longer than most other Spychangers, so overall he looks pretty cool. The chest is just yellow, and looks a little plain. An Autobot symbol would have worked here. Still, overall it's a nice robot.


   None that I'm aware of. It's an unreleased G2 Gobot, so there may be some prototypes out there of a different colour scheme.


   One of the better of the new Spychangers, Daytonus has a few little oddities, but nothing worth worrying about. The name is certainly not great, but it's better than "Prowl 2", and is the only original name amongst the set anyway. If you like the Gobot/Spychanger type, then I'd recommend this toy - 8.5/10

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