DashTacker Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: DashTacker
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Ground Warrior
Alternate Modes: Sports Car, Halftrack


Height: 3cm Length: 8cm Width: 4.5cm

   A red sports car with smooth black plastic tyres, Dash has blue painted windows on the original version and black windows on the reissue. The reissue also has a stamped Autobot symbol on the right side of the roof. Both versions have a post sticking out of the left side of the roof, which is only there to allow him to carry the Landcross fists he comes with. I'm not a fan of this idea, since it doesn't really make for an attack mode - the toy would have been better with a smooth roof.

   The rear fenders are actually the robot arms and stick out to the sides as on all Multiforce members, but in Dash's case it works quite well, since the fenders work out to the sides - he's a souped up car is all. There's a small spoiler, well, more of a lip, on the back of the car, the back end itself isn't much to look at, with the top of the robot head and connecting pegs for DashTacker there.

   Play value is limited to rolling him on his wheels, although I don't really expect much more - the play value is in the combinations he can make. Overall, it's a decent car mode, the colour works and the fenders work well. I just with he didn't have that bump on the roof.


   Extend the front and rotate the two halves down to the sides to form the legs. Turn him over, flip up the feet. Slide up the head, give him his handgun.

Height: 8cm Width: 5.5cm

   The red is now joined by grey, Dash has red arms and legs, a grey torso and a grey head with a yellow face. The reissue has blue eyes, the original has yellow eyes. The thighs are black on the original and dark silver on the reissue - the dark silver and grey combination is a little odd on this version. The original has a black chest and groin sticker with white chest stripes, whereas reissue has a grey painted groin the chest sticker is red with green stripes.

   Like all Multiforce members, Dash has long shins, small thighs and a short torso. He also has huge feet and giant saddlebags on his shins formed from the halves of the car's roof. These saddlebags look really bad, and combined with the giant feet the mode is basically ruined, although it has no trouble standing. The play value is limited to the arms swinging at the shoulders and the hips rotating.

   Simply put, it's not a great robot mode. The legs' proportion problems dominate this mode, and that's not a good thing. The colours work, but otherwise he's better off left in car mode.


Height: 2.5cm Length: 7cm Width: 4.5cm

   An army green half track with a yellow windscreen and yellow side windows, with grey fenders at the front that stick out, housing the black plastic ridged tyres. The shade of green used is noticeably darker on the reissue than the original.

   The moulding of the rear treads is pretty basic, all we really get is a few wheels on the sides. On the original, these wheels are painted silver, whereas on the reissue they are painted grey, as is the plastic behind them which is pretty sloppy, since it makes the treads even less distinct. The reissue does gain a stamped Autobot logo, however, just above the left side tread.

   There are small, hidden, wheels underneath the rear of the vehicle, and Tacker rolls along better than most toys in this group, so he has good play value. Another positive for this mode is that there are very few Transformer halftracks, so he scores points for originality. All in all, it's a good vehicle mode for what it is.


   Extend the rear section to form the legs, pull out the robot head and give him his handgun. Simple, even by Multiforce standards.

Height: 8.5cm Width: 4.5cm

   Again mainly green, Tacker has grey arms, formed from his fenders, an a grey head which sports a light blue face on the original and a silver face on the reissue. Both look quite good, since the light colours bring out the facial detail - and Tacker has a pretty intricate facial sculpt considering the size of his head. The thighs are black on the original and dark silver on the reissue, neither is really superior to the other overall, since the thighs are tucked away behind the torso and shins which both protrude forward.

   Despite the protrusions, despite the long shins, short thighs and small torso that is standard for Multiforce components, Tacker's robot mode looks decent, thanks largely to a good colour scheme. The biggest downside is the fact that the legs don't split as a part of the transformation. You _can_ split the shins, but the result doesn't look quite - it almost looks as if he's wearing a long skirt.

   The play value is limited to his shoulders swinging. The hip joints that gave Dash poseability don't work here thanks to the big blocky shins being so close together - it rules out any real leg posing. Overall, though, Tacker's robot mode looks cool, even if it doesn't do much.



   Fold up and out Dash's legs to become DashTacker's arms, flip up his feet to the sides - they pretty much just become kibble on the sides of DashTacker's arms. Slide Dash's head in and keep sliding to reveal DashTacker's head. Push in Tacker's head, swing back both components' arms and attach the two halves to one another.


Height: 11cm Width: 12cm

   Wider than he is tall, thanks to the arm kibble, but DashTacker's legs are very close together, being the legs of Tacker that aren't really meant to split at all. So he's almost a "T" shape. His chest is grey, groin is green, arms red, shins green and his head is grey - the face colour will match whichever version of Dash you have. The reissue will have dark silver shoulder struts and thighs, these are black on the original, but it doesn't really make much difference in either case.

   The shoulders can swing on two axes, so DashTacker has decent arm poseability, but his legs pretty much stand there at attention, which drags down the overall play value. He does have moulded fists, but the moulding is superficial on the top of the arms and the weapon holes are on the knuckles, so the moulding is rather ineffective.

   Overall I'm not really impressed by this combined robot. To be honest, TackerDash (ie Tacker on top) works better, since Dash's giant boots actually work, and you lose the arm kibble.


   The original was released in 1989, he was reissued in 2004. The main differences the darker green on Tacker for the reissue, replacement of black plastic with dark silver, the facial paint changes and the addition of Autobot stamps. I don't recommend either over the other, but the reissue is likely to a lot easier to find. I actually have the original, but it wasn't cheap.

   Reissue Dash comes with Landcross's right fist while Tacker comes with a footpad.

   The reissue set also had chase black versions, which were all black except for charcoal thighs, and silver windows.


   The standard combined robot mode is poor, but you an easily swap the components over. Both components have good colour schemes and good vehicle modes. Tacker's robot mode works, but Dash's robot mode sucks. The main point of this set is the mixing and matching, and that's it's best aspect - Tacker on his own doesn't make the set worthwhile - but it's certain worth getting if you buy WingWaver and MachTackle. Of course, you need to buy DashTacker if you plan to get Landcross anyway - 5.5/10.

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