Dangar Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Dangar
Series: Car Robots (RiD)
Allegiance: Destronger
Function: Armour Staff Officer
Alt Mode: Tank
(Recolour of Brawl)

Height: 3cm (6 if you add his extra guns) Length: 9cm Width: 4.5cm

   A beige tank with brown camo patterns and black speckles over it, this is one very cool colour scheme. In fact the colour scheme is what inspired me to get this toy. I already have both G1 and G2 Brawl, so the mould was nothing new, but the colour scheme made this toy fun when I got it. He's got a black turret and brown treads (they're plastic, unlike the first issue of Brawl). He's also got an upside-down G2 Autobot symbol on the front - as do all of Black Convoy's followers.

   His turret spins freely around 360 degrees, although if you add the extra guns it can't point backwards. The extra guns make the attack mode - not that tanks can't attack anyway - and can point forwards or up to around 85 degrees. The small handguns fits into a hole atop the large extra guns, a feature added to the mould for Dangar, removing the handgun lets him point the twin-barrels of the large add-on gun swing a little further back.

da    The movements of the turret and the attack guns is complimented by the wheels on the bottom of the treads, allowing a rather well armed Dangar to roll into battle.


   Remove the attack guns if present, pull forward the front section, pull up the turret, swing the rear section down to form the legs. Swing the front section down to reveal the head and keep swinging the sides down to form arms. Push the turret back in and give him back his handgun.

Height: 9cm, 11.5cm to tip of turret Width: 4cm

   The camo pattern is continued into this mode, although he has brown thighs, a brown groin and a brown head, with orange eyes. He's a fairly good square-peg combiner in this mode, very stocky & blocky.

   The arms swing at the shoulders, and there are moulded fists on the insides of his arms - although you have to look to see them. He has holes on the fronts of the arms anyway to accommodate the gun, and these do an OK job for hands anyway. The knees bend, though this is actually part of the transform it still does allow him two more joints. The turret can still swivel in this mode, though I can't see any reason why it would have to.


   Well this is now the fifth incarnation of this mold (Brawl, Classic Brawl, Sandstorm of Battle Gaia, G2 Brawl being the others). Like most of his cousins he lacks the rubsign indent of the original Brawl. No actual variations of Dangar exist as far as I know. He's similar to Armorhide, one of the few Car Robots toys recoloured before being re-issued.


   Hardly anything new in the mould, only the addition of a place to stow his handgun in tank mode. Still, the colour scheme and this minor change are both for the better, so he's hardly a waste of money, although you may prefer to get Armorhide instead, who'll be cheaper although much brighter. If you plan to get Baldigus then you need Dangar, of course. I'm a fan of Brawl, and I've always liked this mould, so I was always going to get this guy. Not the most poseable toy nowadays, but about average for a 1986 mould. I'd recommend him, simply because the colour scheme is so cool. The only thing working against getting him is that he's a little hard to actually find. 8/10

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