Cybertron Ransack Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Ransack
Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Racing Motorcycle

Height: 6.5cm Length: 13cm Width: 2.5cm

   A red motorbike with black highlights (notably the wheels), transparent red headlights, windshield and tyres, Ransack has gold and silver painted details here and there. Red and black always work well together, and while transparent red tyres on a motorbike are a little weird, they fit into the Speed Planet theme, and don't get in the way of the overall effect. What's more, they even match his red Planet Key.

   A long, slender bike with a raised back, Ransack is clearly built for speed, right down to the forward sloping saddle for reduced drag. Thankfully his tyres are wide enough that he'll easily stand up on his own. The back tyre is larger than the front tyre, which sits on hubless wheel. Stylistically this bike has a Cybertronian feel about it - which makes sense since Ransack is using the recovered Transtech Rattrap design.

   There's not a lot of play value here. The wheels spin, of course, although the front one tends to slide on smoother surfaces. The Planet Key (code: sc92) plugs into the saddle (well, the front of the storage compartment behind it) and causes twin barrels to flip out backwards. It's not a terribly inspiring concept, and flipping out backwards doesn't inspire much awe here.

   The colours are good and the bike mode is fairly well designed, but it's not as realistic as some of the other basics in Cybertron (although to be fair, he's not trying to be). The key gimmick is a waste of time, sadly, meaning Ransack might as well just sit there in this mode. Of course, he'll stand easily and looks nice enough.


   Remove the storage compartment/weapon and set aside. Fold down the rear wheel, split out to the sides and fold up onto what will be the outsides of his boots. Open the legs and flip out his heelspurs. Split the saddle itself, swing out to the sides to become his arms, position the arms. Fold out the windshield to become his chestplate, which will also reveal the head. You're meant to rotate the front wheel on his back through 90, but it doesn't actually make any difference. Place the weapon in his hand and use the Planet Key gimmick to deploy the barrels.

   The Planet Key gimmick is somewhat wasted here, since there's not a lot of point in using it in the bike mode, and you really _need_ to deploy it as part of the transformation. The end result is that it doesn't contribute to the play value at all.

Height: 10cm Width: 6.5cm

   Again mainly red, with black thighs, arms and feet, silver shoulderpads and red tyres halves on the outsides of his knees. The face is silver while the forehead is black and the eyes green. The chestplate is painted gold (over the transparent windshield). The gun is a big red affair with transparent barrels, some silver highlights and a tiny indigo Decepticon logo stamped on the left side. The colour scheme is a little more disjointed now, but I wouldn't call it a bad one. The green eyes seem awfully random, but I don't mind so much since there's very little green. A larger faction symbol would have been nice, though.

   The torso is very disjointed here. The waist is quite obviously a transformation hinge and there are gaps all around the chestplate. The legs are by necessity slender affairs, but I would have liked thighs a tad wider. The shins slope forward, a relic of the sloping bike mode, which looks a little weird. The tyres on the knees are the main bike aspects visible here, and they also provide some much-needed width to the lower half of the body.

   The face is quite well detailed, and bears a passing resemblance to Rattrap. The gun is huge, to the point that I prefer him with the gun left off - but since it's an integral part of the bike mode, I'd recommend leaving it on his hand so it can't get lost.

   The gun _can_ fit into either hand - both have standard sized holes, and the key gimmick can be activated (although without the barrels out Ransack is holding a random red block). Ransack is quite poseable, especially for a motorbike Transformer. The head rotates, the shoulders rotate while the arms lift out to the sides and the elbows are ball joints. The hips and knees are also ball jointed and the heelspurs ensure than a wide range of poses is possible.

   While there are some proportion problems and a key gimmick that might as well not be there, Ransack's poseability is excellent for a basic that turns into a bike. The weight of the giant gun hampers poseability a little, but it can be left off. A good robot mode despite it's visual flaws.


   Called "Gasket" in Japan, that version lacks a Planet Key code and has black heels instead of red (thanks to Henry Hudnott for that bit of info). No actual variations that I'm aware of. There's also a green repaint creatively called Ransack GTS.


   An uneventful if decent bike mode and a playable robot mode are good points here, making Ransack worth a look. The key gimmick is a waste of time and if you buy Transformers as mecha the robot mode's visual problems might be an issue. I think he's one of the weaker basics in Cybertron, but having said that the basics ("Scout Class" as they're called now) are the strongest size in Cybertron for me. An admirable effort for a basic sized motorbike, although personally I'm only lukewarm about Ransack - 6.5/10

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