Cybertron Prime (Armada Repaint) Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Optimus Prime
Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Longnose Truck Cab

Three words are needed to define which Optimus Prime I'm talking about - Hasbro might just be overdoing things

Height: 5.5cm Length: 14cm Width: 7.5cm

   A red semi trailer cab with a charcoal hitch, this toy basically follows the standard Optimus Prime formula. It's a repaint of an Armada figure - and not really a major change. The charcoal was blue in Armada, the grey grille was once silver (and the paints around it have changed), but the yellow headlights and rooflights are the same. His windows are black while the original had silver windows. The overall look is quite similar, although not quite to the point where you won't notice. This repaint does gain a stamped Autobot logo on the hood - something Cybertron generally does better than Armada.

   The grey smokestacks on the side detach all too easily - a flaw carried over from the original that's even more annoying second time around. I just leave the colourless elastics he's packaged with in place on these things. There's _no_ point to detaching them - he can't hold them at all. The six black tyres all roll quite well and the post on the back of the hitch can carry the large Armada Prime's trailer. There are two hardpoints on this truck, a dead one on the hitch and live grey on on the roof. Whilst you _can_ attach Minicons, this repaint missed out on a sidekick. Instead he comes with a colourless Planet Key (code: d56b), sporting a red border and a stamped Autobot logo. The underside of this key has a moulded socket so you can plug in into the port. This doesn't do much in truck mode other than look stupid.

   An update of a decent truck, although without any fantastic improvements. The loose smokestacks should have been attached - leaving them loose was just plain lazy. The original actually had slightly better colours, mainly because blue is more traditional. The Planet Key is just as useless as the plane Minicon we got in Armada, although at least that one could transform.


   Fold down the feet, fold down the grill to form the chestplate. Split and fold down the engine halves to form the shoulders, the sides of the cab become the arms. Slide up the forearms to reveal the hands. The shoulder is transform is actually double jointed, and takes a bit of getting used to. Position the arms, feet and skirt (yes, the panels around his waist all can fold up to allow for movement). I actually prefer the sides staying down, but the back part is definitely better going up.

Height: 13.5cm Width: 10.5cm

   The red dominates his upper torso whilst the forearms, head, hipplates and boots are charcoal. Prime's thighs and much of his chest are grey, along with the smokestacks on the outsides of his forearms. The face, which is distinctly Optimus Prime, is silver with yellow eyes. There are some blue splashes of paint, notably on his forearms and boots, making this mode slightly more traditional than the truck mode. There are no visible allegiance symbols - one is behind the head and the other is on the Planet Key which can only plug into his back.

   This mould was quite poseable by Armada standards, and is one of the better Cybertron toys in that respect. The shoulders have swivel joints, the knees double swivel joints, the elbows, feet, neck and hips are all ball joints. The hips are somewhat restricted by details on the front of the thighs (he can't sit down), but the panels on the side of the hips can swing up, which means his hips have more useful ball joints than his bigger incarnation. On closer inspection, his feet are actually on double swivel joints, but the effect is the same. You can put this guy in all sorts of poses.

   The gimmick is identical to that of the original, although now it's activated by the Planet Key (which thinks it's a Minicon anyway). To activate the "double punch" action plug the key into the hardpoint on his back and jiggle it up and down, causing his shoulders move back and forward which in turn allows forward-pointed arms to beat up the bad guys. The gimmick works fairly well, although I'd have preferred Prime to retain some sort of handgun over this gimmick. The holes are still there in his fists, but the original used Overrun as a handgun - which was very cool - now all we get is loose wrist cannons. The cannons are quite cool, but easy to lose.

   Again not really superior to the original in any way. The loss of a handheld weapon is a regression, the gimmick and colour scheme are more or less the same second time around. The poseability is quite impressive, but without a handheld weapon it loses some impact.


   The were two versions of this repaint - the latter version gained four planet logos on the truck mode, each stamped in silver. I have this latter version, and while the added detail is nice, it's not really enough to make the repaint itself worthwhile.


   One of the more pointless repaints Hasbro have done - and they took away his nifty little Minicon replacing it a Planet Key that doesn't belong. The colour scheme doesn't bring anything new here, but if you missed out on the Armada version (or the Armada repaint, Nemesis Prime), then I'd recommend this toy - it's a good mould. I'm disappointed that Hasbro didn't fix the smokestacks, this actually annoys me far more than the fact we got such a minor repaint. I never got the Armada toy (although I did grab Nemesis Prime), so I'm happy enough with this toy - but I did get it for half price. Recommended if you don't have the mould but not if you do - 6/10

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