Combiner Wars Warpath Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Warpath
Series: Combiner Wars
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Tank

Height: 3.5cm Length: 9.5cm Width: 4cm

   A maroon tank with silver treads and some various only silver outbursts here and there - notably the front end of the turret which is his robot mode fists & you can tell thanks to the fists holes on the outsides. The rear half of the tank is wider than the front, for some reason. There's no Autobot logo in this mode, but it's unmistakable as Warpath, as the colours are spot on.

   Warpath is a retool of Thrilling 30 Megatron - there's nothing about this toy that really defines him as Combiner Wars other than the packaging - but the choice of a tank mode is perfect for Warpath. There's a lot of sculpted detail but this does feel like a made up tank rather than anything realistic.

   Play value here is about we'd expect from a Legends sized toy like this - he has four wheels underneath he can roll on and the turret rotates though 360 degrees - although it can get snagged on raised bits at the back, if it's sitting too low. On that note, it can lift up and down, but this is a big cheaty as it's actually relying on the robot mode shoulders and it's actually starting to break up the turret - which breaks up for transformation. There's a 5mm hole on top of the left side of the turret to attach a gun, although he doesn't come with one,

   While this tank wasn't originally designed as Warpath, you can't tell since his colours are bang on. Play value is acceptable. I don't like the visible fist holes - they're the undersides of the fists too - so there's no reason why they couldn't have been filled in.


   Split the rear of the tank, swinging the sides all the way around to the front. Split the turret and fold the halves down to the sides, clipping in as shoulders. This also reveals the head. Fold the tank sides up on themselves to form his boots, swinging the feet down as part of the process. Position his arms, swing the tank's cannon on his right forearm out to the side and you're done.

Height: 9cm Width: 6cm

   A largely maroon robot, Warpath has grey forearms, kneecaps, feet and a grey groin. His waist is gold and his eyes are painted light blue and the head is very much Warpath - they've retooled it well. He sports a red Autobot logo on his chest with some black detailing on either side. While the gold has real business on Warpath, it's small and merely a footnote - so these are Warpath's colours. While the layout of this robot mode isn't Warpath, it's mostly perfectly fine as a Warpath - with the exception of the turret being on his right forearm rather than sticking out of his chest. As far as retools go that co-opt a mould meant for someone else go, this is actually a pretty good Warpath.

   As much as I want a proper Warpath in this scale, this does still feel like the character - and in the meantime we have a deluxe. Also, Combiner Wars has given us worse. The big boots kinda work for Warpath being a bold braggart type & the turret isn't fusion-cannony enough (let's pretend that's a word, shall we?) for it to scream, "MEGATRON".

   Posebaility is decent for a Legends toy. His shoulders, elbows and hips are ball jointed while his knees are hinged, without rotators. His head turns while the waist is fixed. The turret is also on a ball joint, so while Warpath doesn't have a weapon as an accessory, it's useful enough in this mode. His fists have 5mm holes and you can actually pop out the turret and place it in his hand (he can hold the ball).

   A solid robot mode with enough play value at this size. The colours and head retool ensures this is Warpath, even if it's not perfect for the character.


   None that I'm aware of. As said, he is a retool of a Megatron toy.


   A pretty good retool of one character into another. The colours are right for Warpath, the head retooling does its job and the turret manages to not ruin the illusion in robot mode - even if you can't help feeling it should be on his chest. He's actually a fun playable toy too, which at this size makes quite a difference since it's not always a given - 7/10

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