Combiner Wars Sky Lynx Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Sky Lynx
Series: Combiner Wars
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Space Shuttle

Height: 9cm Length: 20cm Width: 14cm

   A white space shuttle with gold windows, gold lines down the sides and two gold exhausts at the back. Sky Lynx has a giant chunk of red, blue and blue undercarriage - unlike the original toy, it's not a detachable transport platform, just undercarriage. He sports his trademark red-with-gold-border Autobot logos on his wings along with a smaller, backwards facing Autobot logo on top of the rear (for his Sky Reign torso mode). It's not the most accurate colour scheme for a shuttle - and of course that giant not-detachable block ruins any sense of realism here - but this is a good Sky Lynx, and that's the main thing I'd be wanting here, visually.

   He sports two forward-swept rear stabilisers, which is not realistic (but there for the chest of the combined robot mode)... I'm not worried about what they do to realism - that ship sailed with the undercarriage. There's some blue outbursts on his wingtips and two small aerodynamic bumps behind the cockpit... all of these look nice enough from a "space shuttle like vehicle" point of view. If you want Sky Lynx, it's Sky Lynx. If you want a realistic shuttle Transformer - look elsewhere.

   Play value is pretty limited for a voyager. While he has two tiny sculpted wheels underneath, he cannot roll (and there's no motorised gimmick). He comes with two light grey sword/gun things... which can clip underneath the wings or clip into the sides of the kibble block - both work okay visually. They're sword shaped, but are double pronged so it's not much of a stretch to view the prongs as electrodes of an energy weapon. They can also be plugged into the twin exhausts at the back... which just looks odd - but the option is there if you like it.

   Well, it's a not terribly realistic shuttle with a big block of pseudo-lynx underneath that's no longer a transport platform. But the colours are Sky Lynx... so it does what it has to. The play value is lacking, though, for a voyager.


   Open a blue panel underneath, swing out the forelimbs and swing into place, close the panel. Swing down the hind legs that stick out the back and into place. Position his legs as needed. Unclip the tail and swing down & back - mine pops off too easily, but clips back on easily enough. Swing the wings up and over, facing forward, swing out the blue wing extensions. Pull out the nose as his head, posing the head and beak as desired.

Height: 15cm Width: 19m Length: 22cm (all depend on pose)

   Well, it's the body of an Archaeopteryx like bird on top of a somewhat hollow quadrupedal body with four vaguely feline legs. Which IS Sky Lynx. The upper is mainly white with the gold aspects (notably the cockpit windows are his eyes) while the lower body is blue with red legs and blue feet. The smaller Autobot logo is facing backwards on his rump. The colours are Sky Lynx's but there's a lot of gappiness on this toy (lower torso, top of the wings) which breaks up the flow of the colours. It's not that he looks bad, just disjointed.

   So we have the "combined" form of Sky Lynx, and while it's much smaller than the original, it's true enough to the character. There's no separate bird mode here, as such though, which is certainly something missing from this figure - although the focus of the line was more about including a torso mode & this is one of the compromises made.

   Sky Lynx is reasonably poseable - all four hips swing and have rotators below them. His knees and ankles are all hinged and the rear lower legs have that "dog leg" shape to them. There are three hinges in the neck, and a rotator allowing him to look to the sides, while the lower jaw is on a hinge. Adding to the play value, the weapons can again plug into the rear hips on the hips now on top of his wings - both options work well enough.

   While it's a fused beast - a quadrupedal bird - this is an acceptable form for Sky Lynx. It looks good for the most part - some gaps aside (the hollowness of the wings bothers me somewhat) and the colours are right. The play value is mostly centred on his poseability - which is pretty good, while the weapons are a useful addition.

   There's a fairly well established "fan" lynx mode. So I'm going to cover it briefly. It basically consists of the beast turned around backwards with the bird neck and head becoming a tail, with the lower legs rotated and the rump partially folded down to reveal the Gestalt head which is a gold Lynx head. What's done with the wings... varies.

   Anyway, the lynx head sits a bit low and the dog legs are now on the front legs, but the legs poseability is about the same. While it's an unofficial mode, it looks like an "abandoned" third mode, in truth, and works best if the (now) rear legs are squat so his head is relatively high. It's not an amazing mode, nor is it the Lynx mode of old, but it's functional.


   The Unite Warriors version has a different paint job and came as part of the Lynxmaster giftset. The character was revisited again (with two separate beasts) in Earthrise.


   A pretty good effort considering this Sky Lynx becomes a gestalt torso. The bird mode ... well combined beast mode ... is the standout - the vehicle mode is a little lacking, mostly in that you can't detach the giant chunk of kibble underneath. The colours are bang on - so this is clearly Sky Lynx. Play value is what you'd expect of a deluxe, not a voyager - but then there is a torso mode here. I like the unofficial lynx mode - and I like this figure in that it can convert between two beast modes. That said, the main value in _this_ Sky Lynx over the Earthrise update is the combiner option, and I'd only recommend this one if you want a combining Sky Lynx (for whatever reason) - Earthrise did a better job of the character, in that it's not trying to do anything but be Sky Lynx - 6.5/10

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