Combiner Wars First Aid Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: First Aid
Series: Combiner Wars
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Ambulance

Height: 5cm Length: 12cm Width: 6cm

   A white "first responder" paramedic truck styled vehicle (IE SUV shaped, rather than a van), First Aid has mid blue windows, dark red strobe on his roof, bright red detailing on the side with "Emergency" and "Rescue" in unpainted white.. His grille & front lights are painted silver while the back end is unpainted. His plastic tyres are black plastic. It's pretty clearly First Aid even if it's not 100% faithful to G1. The paint job is fairly generous and there's also an Autobot logo on the left side of the hood.

   As is common for the line, there are attachment points for his weaponry in this mode - aside from the rolling wheels this is all the play value we get. There's a fairly unobtrusive tab on his roof for the foot/hand accessory, but since it's one of those "let's call it a gun" affairs, you're probably best leaving that off. His blade weapon can plug into holes on either side just in front of the rear wheel well with the handle serving as a gunbarrel. It's passable but of course a little incongruous given it covers up "RESCUE".

   A simple but effective vehicle mode that does a good job of capturing the character. A van would have of course been preferable, but given the CW format of using shared parts/transformations across multiple characters that wasn't going to happen. He doesn't FEEL like it's another character shoehorned into being First Aid, though (and he isn't).


   Pull the doors out to the sides as arms. Unclip the rear underside as boots, swing them part of the way back. Unclip the rear roof and swing down as calves. Clip the boots together & stand him up. Unclip the front of the vehicle and swing down onto his back, clip it into place. Rotate his head, position the arms and give him weapons as desired.

Height: 15cm Width: ~8cm (depending on pose)

   First Aid has bright red torso & head, darker red on his upper arms, thighs and the central stripe of his chest. He has a silver mouth plate, blue eyes and some silver on his chest. There's a red Autobot logo on his left breast. The lower arms & boots are white and there's a splash of mid blue on either kneecap.

   Again, this mode captures the character well. Very well in fact - the head IS First Aid as seen in the G1 cartoon. There's a backpack which is at once kibble and g1 faithful - the G1 toy had the front of the ambulance hanging back off his shoulders, so it actually serves to nail the tribute. He has gained shoulder panels which inhibit shoulder poseability a little, but are by no means dealbreakers. The forearms have panels on the outsides which remind me of the panels on his hands on the original toy.

   Poseability is fairly standard for Combiner Wars. Ball joints in the neck, shoulders and hips. His elbows and knees have hinges and rotators. The feet are fixed in that slightly-spread pose. His ankles, wrists and waist don't move. The blade-weapon can fit in either hand as a scimitar-esque weapon (looks okay) or a gun (looks weird). The foot/hand piece can also be handheld but looks silly - as they all do.

   A great match to the G1 toy & cartoon, First Aid is only really held back by the shoulder panels inhibiting his shoulder poses. The scimitar weapon works well in one configuration only but he's a medic (and a pacifist if you follow the cartoon) so I hardly expect First Aid to be armed to the teeth anyway.


   The Unite Warriors version has a different paint job, it's noticeably more G1-toy-accurate. He combines with the other Protectobots to form Defensor. He shares his engineering and transformation with First Aid.


   While there are some limitations here, they're more limitations of the CW limb format than problems with the execution of this toy. The paint job is good and faithful to G1 and most of the robot mode kibble references G1. The blade weapon isn't so good in ambulance mode but he gets away with it in robot mode. One of the better G1 tributes in Combiner Wars - and given he's probably favourite Autobot combiner period (and the only one I had as a kid), I'm thrilled they nailed this tribute & did the character justice - 8.5/10

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