Combiner Wars Defensor Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Devastator
Series: Combiner Wars
Allegiance: Decepticon
Bonecrusher, Hook, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Scavenger & Scrapper.

Height: 56cm Width: 30cm

   A big, green fusion of six Constructicons, Devastator has some outbursts of purple (including his signature chestplate), while his head and forearms are black. He has a silver face with a red eyestrip - the head is what we saw in the G1 cartoon. He features all the signature construction vehicle bits we're familiar with - more on that in a second. At any rate, this Devastator is very much a scaling up of his G1 self.

   With Mixmaster & Scrapper as legs, Devastator has the purple mixer drum on his left shin and the payloader as his right leg. Bonecrusher as his left arm means that arm is a bulldozer while Scavenger on his right arm is a steam shovel. Hook's crane arm sits on his left shoulder while the front of Long Haul's dump truck is his midriff. The outline of the dump truck tray sits on his back as kibble,, analogous to G1.

   Similar to G1, there are dedicated add on pieces here - the chestplate and forearms, along with his handgun. But some of the elements have been integrated into the components - the head is part of Hook and the waist part of Long Haul. There's also no longer a connector piece attaching the legs - Long Haul even supplies thighs which G1 lacked. They've done a good job of reducing the number of add on bits - I can see why the chestplate was unavoidable, and it's hard to see the forearms integrating.

   Devastator has excellent poseability for a gestalt. His head turns, his waist turns on a very solid ratchet. His shoulders swing and lift out to the sides - curiously the treads don't move - they're effectively part of the torso. His elbows are hinged and have rotators - as do his wrists. His fingers open and close as one. He has firm ratchets in his hips - allowing forward-back and out to side motion. The groin flips are on hinges allowing the legs to swing forward elegantly. His knees have ratchet hinges and there are rotators in his thighs allowing his legs to rotate. There are even ankle tilts - although it's a bit tricky to get the tilt on Mixmaster's side to work - Mixmaster's arms have to be unclipped and don't really have anywhere else to go. Poseability, understandably, limited by his weight, but there are dynamic poses available. His only weapon is the big purple handgun - but that's all we've ever known Devastator to have.

   A great combined robot - definitely more than the sum of his parts. It's easy to see why this was sold as a box set - the individuals range from really compromised (Long Haul) to quite good (Bonecrusher) but most are simple as voyagers go. The set was designed AS a set first, and Devastator makes few compromises - the components do. Devastator really is more than the sum of his parts.


   There's an "exclusive" version with chromed purple elements. The Unite Warriors version has some remoulds of the the joints and paint changes. The shoulders are ratcheting joints on the UW version.


   A really good gestalt and an excellent box set - this is Devastator first and Constructicons second, though (most CW teams feel like they're the other way around). He looks good, he's poseable and he's unmistakably G1 Devastator. If you can manage the price tag, this is a rewarding set - 8.5/10

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