Combiner Wars Bonecrusher Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Bonecrusher
Series: Combiner Wars
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Bulldozer

Height: 7cm Length: 14.5cm Width: 8cm

   A lime green Bulldozer with a Decepticon logo on his blade and purple windows and a little silver on some grilles on the front and sides. Bonecrusher is almost entirely green, which is true to Bonecrusher. Unlike the G1 toy, the driver's cockpit is closed - it's also proportionally smaller. There's not much else to say - it's a realistic looking Bulldozer, and it's clearly Bonecrusher.

   Bonecrusher's colours are simple but his sculpt is pretty good. The treads are nicely sculpted, there are teeth on the blade, various grilles and whatnot and exhausts on either side (which is a clever way to hide transformation hinges). He also has asymmetrical protrusions on top, like those on the G1 toy (which were exhausts).

   Bonecrusher's play value is pretty minimal. There are three wheels underneath allowing him to roll - he rolls well enough on hard surfaces. The blade sits on two hinges - the one closest to the body of the vehicle is meant for transformation, but they allow him to position the blade. It would have been nice if there was some way to arm this vehicle.

   A very green, well sculpted Bulldozer, and it's clearly Bonecrusher. Play value is minimal - I don't expect too much of a Bulldozer - a weaponry option would have been nice. There are some nice touches here, though, like the exhausts and the detailed treads.


   Pivot the blade down on those two hinges. Unclip the treads at the back, pivot them downwards from the front, clipping the attachments together to form his groin. Split the back end of the vehicle from the front, fold back and unfold the front as his arms. Lift up the cabin to reveal his head, fold it out. The back end is attached on a black strut that collapses on two hinges, bringing the torso together - there's a black block (attachment for Devastator mode) that needs to fold down on his back. Fold the blade up as a chestplate. Extend his legs, split the feet, unfold and pose his arms and you're done.

   Some of his teammates in this set have simple or inelegant transformations for the size of these toys - Bonecrusher's is satisfying and elegant.

Height: 18cm Width: 10cm (depending on pose)

   Again mainly green, Bonecrusher has silver forearms and purple fists, a black head with a silver face and red eyestrip. There's silver and red details sculpted and painted on his chest, along with a Decepticon logo. The colour scheme is _mostly_ taken from the G1 cartoon - except the silver forearms (G1 toy had silver forearms and black fists, cartoon had green forearms and purple fists). His face is also taken from the cartoon. It's close enough to both that this is a good G1 Bonecrusher from either point of view.

   It's a well proportioned, well sculpted, robot mode. I really like that they added depth to the chest detailing - which was a sticker on the original toy. The groin on mine can be a little tricky to get clipped together, but once it's clipped it stays together well enough. There is some kibble on the back - the cabin floats behind his head and that black block sits behind his skid plate.

   He's poseable and has a decent weapon (given it's a Devastator piece). The head turns while the waist doesn't. His shoulders, elbows, hips and knees are all ball jointed while his ankles have rockers. All of these joints are useful and not restricted - he has the best poseability of this set, in my books. The only downfall is that posing the hips can, on mine, lead the groin to come apart (and it's tricky to re-clip together as mentioned). His weapon is Devastator's forearm - it's basically a block with a silver painted missile rack, and there's a black post that folds out of the back of the hand which plugs into his hand.

   A good robot mode - the best of the Combiner Wars Constructions, in fact. Bonecrusher has good proportions and detailing, and he's faithful to the character. His poseability is good and while the weapon isn't his G1 handgun, it's decent for what it is.


   There's an "exclusive" version with chromed purple elements. The Unite Warriors version has some paint changes and - most notably - a redesign of his knees to increase range of posing. It also comes with a G1 style handgun.


   Bonecrusher has a rewarding robot mode and while the vehicle mode is nondescript, it's not really flawed either. The most satisfying of the Combiner Wars Constructicons thanks to good poseability in robot mode, a good G1 tribute in both modes and no significant flaws. While they came as a set, if you wanted to pick one of the set, Bonecrusher would be my recommendation - 8.5/10

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