Combiner Wars Air Raid Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Air Raid
Series: Combiner Wars
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Fighter Jet

Height: 5cm Length: 15cm Width: 11cm (16cm with wings out)

   A black jet with silver, red and gold stripes on his wings and vertical stabilisers, Guyhawk has a silver canopy and Autobot logos on his wings. While the original was an F-15 jet, Air Raid is now something close to an F-14 - so he has swing wings. That aside, this is distinctly Air Raid. His nose and vertical stabilisers are rubberised plastic.

   There's some kibble under the wings (his arms) but there are little black missile racks under the swing hinges which cover it a little , and the stuff behind his wings is only visible if you bring the wings out. It's not ideal but it's also not unexpected. The white does stand out against the black plane - but then that's Air Raid.

   As is common for the line, there are attachment points for his weaponry in this mode. One hole under each wing and a hole on top of the fuselage. He comes with a white dual-cannon gun and a black foot-hand piece. As always, the foot-hand piece just looks stupid attached in anything but limb mode. The single gun can be attached on top or under either wing - but it looks unbalanced under one wing. To be honest, I'd rather just let him rely on the sculpted missiles in this mode, but the top mount for the gun is still fine. The wings look little off when swung out thanks to gaps behind the hinges... so I just leave them swept back (even if the swept-back config is really for supersonic flight only). It's nice they gave us the option though - especially given he has no wheels underneath.

   A pretty good jet mode that's very clearly Air Raid. The play value is minimal, but about what you'd expect of a CW deluxe. While the swing wing isn't perfect, it's some extra play value.


   Detach any weaponry & set aside. Swing the nose section up, then pivot back down and clip into the fuselage. Fold up the horizontal stabilisers, detach the arms underneath his wings, lift up the rear of the fuselage, swinging back the legs and them fold the rear section down and plug into his legs. Split the legs, stand him up. Swing back his wings, pivot the arms up so they're on the outsides of his shoulders. Rotate the head and swing out his ears. Arm as desired.

Height: 16cm Width: ~8cm (depending on pose)

   Air Raid's now mostly white with the black confined to the backpack. His chest is white save for the combiner peg down the middle. His face is silver with a metallic light blue "crown" and slightly deeper blue eyes - these colours are remarkably accurate to the G1 cartoon. there's some red splashes on his boots and some bronze on his chest and the outsides of his arms which diverges from G1 (though it does work visually - breaking up the white all over his arms). There's a small Autobot logo on his left shoulder. This robot mode looks very good and G1 faithful.

   The weaponry options are about the same here - his while gun looks fine handheld and the other accessory looks stupid. Incidentally, you have the option of leaving the wings out to the sides which kind of matches the G1 cartoon where his wings were clearly visible from the front - they're a bit too long for my liking - or folded back and swung up behind his shoulders - which is a little different to the cartoon but feels more in the spirit of the minor backpack it showed us. Curiously, the stock photos of the G2 version have the wings up.

   Poseability is standard for Combiner Wars - which is not a bad thing. Air Raid has ball joints in the neck, shoulders and hips. His elbows and knees have hinges and rotators. The feet are fixed in that slightly-spread pose. His ankles and wrists don't move but his waist can rotate. He can hold the various weaponry in either hand... of course the hand/foot pieces look pretty stupid.

   Well, it's Air Raid. And I mean, it's REALLY Air Raid. The bronze is only bit that really diverges from G1, but it doesn't make this Not Air Raid at all. Combining that with good poseability, this is a good robot mode.


   As mentioned, there's a G2 repaint (only available in a giftset). The Unite Warriors version loses that bronze, it also loses some of the colours on his wings - making the jet more cartoon accurate but less toy accurate. The head of the UW version is less cartoon accurate though - that and the wings mean I prefer Hasbro's version - but neither is necessarily better.

   Guyhawk, BotCon 2016 Terrorsaur, Collector Club Fractyl & UW Armada Thrust are retools of Air Raid.


   While there are a couple of shortcomings here, they're very minor. Vehicle mode play value isn't amazing - but still perfectly fine - and there's the gaps when you swing out his wings. Both modes look great and really work as Air Raid. He manages to tread that difficult line between the G1 toy and cartoon looks really well - the extra colours on the vehicle mode work for the toy while the robot head is amazingly accurate to the show. Air Raid is the strongest of the CW Aerialbots, for me - 9.5/10

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