Cutthroat Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Cutthroat
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Shock Trooper
Alternate Mode: Bird-of-prey monster

Height: 9cm Length: 7cm Width: 13cm

   A green, beige and purple bird, standing upright, Cutthroat doesn't looks especially threatening, mainly because it's in the upright pose. The head, legs and sides are beige, the body green and the wings and tail are purple. The head itself is small, forward looking and there's a very distinct neck. The eyes are the same beige as the head, the beak is short - it's actually stubby like a sparrow's or a similar seed-eater, although the crest atop the head offsets this and keeps his head looking sleek as a bird of prey's would. The wings are outstretched, so I guess this is a bird landing. The legs are slightly squat, the knees bent and there's talons at the front & back.

   The tail, which is attached on his back, can swivel sideways and up and down. The legs swivel at the hips, he can look up or down if he wants, and his feet are big enough that there's a fair arc you can put his body through befoe he overbalances. The head itself can nod up or down, meaning he can be in a "flight" pose, looking forward as he's horizontal.


   Fold the torso so it's straight, then extend the lower half down. Swing the bird legs back, Swing the wings back to reveal the robot arms, fold the bird head down to become the chestplate, revealing the robot head. Take his tail and put it in his hand to become his robot gun.

Height: 8cm Width: 4cm

   Looking at him from the from, Cutthroat's purple pretty much disappears from his robot mode. The wings are on his back, the handgun is purple, assuming he's got it in his hand, it's all that remains of the purple. His body & lower legs are green, thighs, chestplate & arms beige. His eyes are red, although the rest of his face is beige.

   Like his small Terrorcon buddies, he came with or without a rubsign, if it's there it'll be on his groin in robot mode. The only other stickers you'll see are on his shins, above his (small) feet. His arms are also small, and they swivel just about what would be the elbows. In fact his arms are the only bits that move in this mode, although he can lean back thanks to his transformation. It's a decent looking robot mode, although a tad plain, the small arms & feet don't really hurt him. The bird head on his chest is a nice feature, and there's not too much hanging off like some other Terrorcons. He's got his bird legs on the sides of his shins, but that's it. Of course there's huge wings on his back but they don't really hamper stability or posability - not that he has much of that. Oddly he has a rather poseable gun - being the bird tail it can swing up and down - so while his arms can only just move above the horizontal, he can still shoot at Strafe or Scattershot if he has the need (c8


   The 1987 version has a rubsign on the front of the torso, the 1988 one does not.


   In my opinion, he's one of the better Terrorcons, simply because he doesn't really have any bad points compared to his small team mates. The only thing that really holds him back is poseability. I wouldn't really endorse him that strongly, although he's a cool toy. And of course most fans will get him simply for Abominus's sake. Personally, I like him regardless of his combining ability - 6.5/10

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