Cryo Scourge Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Cryo Scourge
Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Three Headed Dragon

Height: 16cm Length: 36cm Width: 10cm

   An indigo and light blue three headed dragon, Cryo Scourge is a repaint of Cybertron Scourge, and represents an evolution of the same character. The main body of the dragon is indigo while the hindlegs, central head and side heads (and necks) are light blue. There are some smoky transparent elements, such as his claws and the rump, and a transparent yellow patch on top of the central head, which also sports a Decepticon logo. There are some white, yellow and silver paint applications rounding off a very cool colour scheme (hence the name), which is in stark contrast to the original. It's a European style dragon, with front legs slightly larger than the hindlegs, more like a griffin than a dragon.

   There are two main gimmicks here. The first is an electronics system, and there's a small black button on his back which activates most of the electronics. Pressing it will activate a rather distorted dragon roar sound and cause the core of his head to flash red five times, showing through the yellow patch on his central head and the yellow eyes. His green Planet Key (code: u3fl) activates the other sound gimmicks - pressing into a slot just above the base of his tail will cause two smaller orange dragon heads to flip out from his shoulders and activate a G1 style transformation sound (as well as a couple of flashes from the head). With the key inserted, the yellow button now activates a laser fire sound, along with two flashes of the head. The dragon roar is unimpressive, but the other sounds are nice - the transformation sound is very cool. The extra heads really make this mode for me.

   The poseability here is a little disappointing for an ultra beast mode. The neck is fixed in place since it houses the electronics. The lower jaw of the main head opens and closes, the upper jaws of the smaller heads shut close and snap open again thanks to internal springs. All four hips rotate and the knees all bend. The rear ankles (which sit off the ground like those of a cat) are also hinged and there's some movement in the front claws. The tail looks like it should have joints along it's entire length, but there's only one hinge midway, allowing it to lift up and down. The poseability here isn't _bad_, but more foot movement would be nice. This is my only real complaint with what is otherwise a great mode.

   The detail on this toy is great, although the array of colours tend to draw your attention away. There's not a smooth surface in sight, and while it doesn't reach the ridiculous level of detail of the Transmetal 2 line, the sculpt is impressive nonetheless. There are both organic and mechanical details on this toy - the main head has a frill of horns as European dragons are often depicted with, while the smaller heads are more reminiscent of Asian dragon heads, with very organic sculpts. There are three giant light blue spines sticking out the back of the front hips, which taper to white points, and give Scourge a majestic, powerful look.

   A very impressive looking dragon mode - especially with the three heads all showing. The bodyshape and three heads almost make Scourge a cross between a cerberus and a dragon, which for me only adds to the coolness of this beast mode. The gimmicks are identical to those of the previous version, while the colours are a nice contrast. I do still prefer the colours of the original, but this is a nice repaint with markedly different colours.


   A fairly complex variation of the "stand up and fiddle with the limbs" concept. You'll need to remove the tail, but can leave the key in place if you like. Straighten the hind legs out behind him to form the robot legs, flip out the heelspurs and slide the hips in. Swing down the sternum of the dragon to form a groinplate, folding away the throat panels of the dragon. Fold the main head down to form a chestplate (you'll need to swing the smaller heads back at least part of the way back to allow clearance for the horns). Swing out the shoulders so that the spines form a cape of sorts, flip out and rotate the head. Lastly rotate the forearms and flip out the fists from within the forearms. The tail forms a giant sceptre weapon.

Height: 26cm Width: 23cm

   Again a mix of indigo and light blues, with the indigo far more prominent now. The liberal use of indigo here makes the robot mode a little garish, especially with the way the yellow paint has been used. His legs are still blue while the light blue spines sit on the outsides of his shoulders and the main dragon head sits on his chest. The fists and ankles are cobalt blue, but the yellow pain on his indigo arms, waist and head bug me. Had they offset they indigo with white or silver instead, Cryo Scourge would have looked a lot better. His face is silver with red eyes, lacking a lightpipe. The light blue secondary dragon heads can deploy over the top of his shoulders, and look very good there. The Decepticon logo sits central on his chest now. The colour scheme is okay, but could easily have been much better with better use of paint on his arms and around the head.

   Combined with the majestic spines sticking out of his shoulders, the extra heads look really good, and I'm tempted to say ignore the standard robot mode and just go for this enhanced configuration. The forelegs claws now sit on the outsides of his forearms and the Icepick of Doom adds to the imposing look of this already impressive robot mode.

   The gimmicks are the same here as the dragon mode - the sounds all operate as they did in dragon mode, with the activation button on his back and the key slot on his... skidplate. The extra heads will still deploy if the key is inserted. The light now glows through the yellow patch on his chestplate. While it could be construed that introducing no new gimmicks in robot mode is a shortcoming, I'm impressed that the gimmicks are all versatile enough to work in _both_ modes. In the case of an ultra sized repaint, it is a little lazy that the sound set hasn't been updated, although I'm not worried, since I got him deluxe price.

   Cryo Scourge's poseability isn't quite up to ultra standard. The head and shoulders turn, the elbows twist and bend inwards, the hips rotate and the knees and ankles bend, while the ankles also rotate. The waist and wrist are fixed, the latter is the major issue here. Combined with the inwards bending elbows, the weapon can't be held upright in the fist with a bent elbow, like a sickle - and it's clearly designed to do so. The weapon is still quite impressive, mind you - it's 22cm tall on it's own and there are still options, if not the most obvious one. The articulation still gives Scourge some great poses, mind you, so this is far from enough to ruin the robot mode.

   With the giant cape formed form his spines, the three headed mode and giant sickle/icepick, this robot mode is awfully impressive. The colours do let him down somewhat - the idea is a nice one but the paint applications really should have been better. The box calls this guy cool and calculating, but he really needs more silver and white and less indigo for that. Poseability is limited here, and mine seems to have slightly weaker ankles than my original Scourge - but I'm not sure if this is common to all Cryo Scourges.


   None that I know of.


   While this is a nice mould and an appealing concept as far as recolours go, Cryo Scourge doesn't improve on the original. I do like the switch from warm to cool colours, and the scheme works well in dragon mode. Having said that, it doesn't quite work in robot mode due to some bad paint choices. The play value is still limited, and while I wouldn't expect any improvements in the poseability, some changes to the sound chip would have been great. The mould is a nice one, and the three headed beast mode is great, so if you missed Scourge then I'd still say pick up Cryo Scourge, but as a repaint this toy isn't really worth it - 7/10

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