Crosscut Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Crosscut
Series: e-Hobby exclusives
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Ambassador
Alternate Mode: Honda City

Height: 4.5cm Length: 9cm Width: 5cm

   A silver van with dark transparent blue windows and sunroof, save for the side rear windows which are painted black. He has black pinstripes and bumpers, and silver headlights, which are actually chromed plastic inserts in the die-cast metal. Oh, the front and rear are die-cast metal. The wheels are chromed and have rubber tyres on them.

   Crosscut has a big Autobot ensignia on his hood, and stickers for front indicators and taillights. His wheels all roll, his doors open, although the reveal robot bits. The boot can also open, revealing a spot to keep Clutch, the little scooter with which Crosscut comes. You can lift up the hood, but not too far since it reveals the robot head.

   This is a good vehicle mode, although along with Skids probably the smallest in this series. The colours work, the detail is great and the materials used really add to it. The only shortcomings are visible panels on top of the roof where the legs fold out.


   Open the doors, fold up the front section, swing out the arms and fold back the roof. Lift the hood and swing out the head, then push the hood back down. Swing up the shoulders, swing the arms down into place, swivel the fists around. Fold the feet down and fold the rear wheels in. Split the legs. Give him weapons.

Height: 12cm Width: 9cm

   Still essentially silver, Crosscut has a red head (silver mouthplate, yellow eyes), red waist & fists, red & black groin and red feet. His legs are black, although silver stickers cover most of his thighs.

   The doors form wings and the front wheels are mounted on the back of his shoulders. The roof mounts on his back. There's a real similarity to Jazz in this mode, although the transforms are different.

   He has three different weapons, two guns and a missile launcher. He can't actually hold all three at the same time, mind you. Without holes in his fists, Crosscut settles for weapons that mount on his arms instead. His shoulders can swivel on two planes, basically he's able to life his arms forward and out to the sides. There's no elbows, but his wrists rotate 360.

   It's a nice robot mode, and isn't as a small as the car mode, since it unfolds quite a bit. Somewhat lanky, the arms are spindly, but you can swing them down so they're further out from the body if you like. His only real flaw is that the rear right rear doesn't fold in properly, making him lean forward and to the left. You can file down the piece it's attached to, but it's a toy of which only 1,500 were made, so modifying is up to you (I modified mine, BTW).

Height: 2cm Length: 2.5cm

   A small silver scooter with a black steering column and black wheels. It actually has twin wheels at the front and back, allowing it to stand upright. The wheels roll by virtue of them being single moulded pieces at the front and the back. The steering column folds down to fit inside Crosscut's boot. This is a nice accessory, somewhat unique amongst the Diaclone based Transformers.


   Widely considered to be a repaint Skids, Crosscut is actually an unused Diaclone. The Diaclone on which Skids is based is red (Crosscut is the same colour as his Diaclone counterpart). Also the two toys have different heads and hoods and Skids didn't come with a scooter (his Diaclone predecessor did).


   A good colour scheme in both modes, nice robot and car modes. Crosscut's shoulders give him good poseability for a Diaclone toy, and he has a lot of accessories. The standing problem, which he shares with the reissue of Skids, is a pain, but you _can_ fix it. 7.5/10, losing half a point for the instability

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