Choro-Q Megatron Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Megatron
Series: Choro-Q
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Walther P-38 Pistol

Height: 6cm Length: 10cm Width: 2cm

   A grey pistol with grey trigger section and a black handle, Megatron is more or less faithful to the original. The black version is, well, black, with a brown handle. He has a Decepticon logo and a safety on the left side, although he's not much to look at from the right side, with robot bits and the pull back wheels on that side - this gun is really meant to be either viewed from the left or laid down on it's side. For the record, you'll see a hand, two rubber tyres and a small grey wheel, as well as some seams and joints.

   It's a fairly good Chibi pistol - at least from the left. The whole point though is the pull back motor. If you lay him down on his right side, pull him back along the floor and then release him, he'll zoom along the floor and veer off slightly to the right. The reason Megs veers to the right is because this gun is very asymmetrical as pull back toys go. The sight of a small gun propelling itself along the floor is so comical that I wouldn't care if zig-zagged! The pull back motor represents the only play value of this mode, aside from holding the mini-pistol in your hand, of course.

   Yeah, it's a really silly idea, but a pull back Megatron is so cool that it's a great idea. The left hand side of the gun looks pretty good, and the gun is clearly meant to be Megatron.


   A fair approximation of Megatron's transformation - fold the handle havles over the trigger, rotate the body 90, flip the head up, fold down the chamber to become the left arm and the barrel for the right arm.

Height: 7cm Width: 7cm

   A grey robot with grey legs and groin, grey painted feet, a white face with red eyes and a Decepticon logo on his chest. Sure, it's small and super deformed, but this is clearly Megatron, albeit a lot cuter than he's usually portrayed. I don't have the black version, so I can't comment too much on it's robot mode other than to say it has the grey feet.

   The poseability is probably better than you could expect of a Chibi this size. His arms swing at the shoulders, his waist rotates and his arms can lift out to the sides. Granted, the waist and lifting arms are by-products of his transformation, but they're still articulation. He has no weaponry as such, although the gun barrel on his right arm does remind me of his fusion cannon - and I suspect this was deliberate.

   One thing that I find ironic is that Megatron's groin is more solid than that of the original toy. His shins slope backwards and his left arm has a fair bit of kibble, but considering he has a pull back motor (in the left leg), this is a pretty clever robot mode for it's size.


   As mentioned, there's the standard (called "Anime") and black versions.


   The Choro-Q Transformers really offer little more than novelty value, but Megatron is packed with just that. The self-propelled gun makes Megatron worth picking up, and his robot mode is pretty clever considering the limitations of this simple toy. A great Chibi Megatron - 8/10

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