Choro-Q Optimus Prime Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Convoy (Optimus Prime)
Series: Choro-Q
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Semi Trailer

Height: 3.5cm Length: 7cm Width: 4cm

   A red cab and grey trailer rolled into one, the effect is similar to a removals truck. Prime has the traditional chrome silver grille and bumper, six black rubber tyres (two at the front, four rear) and painted front windows. If you have the anime version, the red paint will be flat and the windows light blue. The metallic version has a metallic red plastic and black windows. The hubcaps are chromed and the trailer has Autobot logos stamped on either side.

   As with the other Choro-Q Transformers, Optimus Prime has a pull back motor, which is in the front, since the rear becomes his legs and he needs that space for his shins. Pull him back and the front wheels will pull him along quite nicely, mine moves in a straight line, too. You have the option of mounting his handgun gun on top of his trailer.

   This a pretty decent - if superdeformed - vehicle mode. It's stripped down, granted, but this makes for a cute little Optimus Prime. Both the pullback motor and the attaching weapon work really well here, so not only is he cute but he's fun.


   Flip up the sides of the trailer, rest them against the roof. Stand him up, swing up his arms, fold down the cabin to form his chest, which will also reveal his head. Give him his gun and position the arms.

Height: 6cm Width: 4.5cm

   The classic prime colours, red on top with blue boots, fists and a blue head, Optimus has the chromed grille for a waist and the bumper for his groin - and no thighs. His face is silver with either light blue (anime) or yellow (metallic) eyes. There's an Autobot logo stamped onto his left shoulder (actually, just the white outline is stamped). Despite the lack of thighs, the rest is remarkably Prime-like, deformation aside.

   It's interesting to note that this is the first semi trailer Optimus Prime that doesn't have to find some way of using the trailer - since it's integrated into the robot mode, forming his back and boots. I'm not sure this would work on a toy of regular proportions, since the legs would have to be very long, but it works perfectly for a chibi Prime!

   Poseability is limited to his shoulders rotating, which isn't much, although I don't really expect anything more of a super deformed toy of this size, let alone one with a pull back motor. The gun is very accurate to the original Prime gun, although without the extra handle which got in the way of Prime holding his gun. All told, this robot mode is a great display piece.


   As mentioned, there is the anime metallic versions. Both work equally well, so which one you get really comes down to preference. I went for the anime version, for the blue windows.


   The Choro-Q Transformers really offer little more than novelty value, but Optimus Prime has this in spades. Both modes are very cute yet surprisingly accurate, the pullback mechanism works very well and I really get a kick out of the integrated transform. If you only get one of the three Choro-Q toys, this is the one to get (although I'd also recommend Megatron) - 8.5/10

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