RiD Obsidian Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Obsidian
Series: Robots in Disguise
Allegiance: Vehicon
Function: Helicopter
Alternate Mode: Combat Helicopter

Height: 6cm Length: 12.5cm Width: 12cm

   Yes, that's right, a helicopter with a function of "helicopter" - the joys of tech specs by committee. Anyway, he's a beige chopper with a dark brown tail, dark brown motors with some splotches of dark brown plastic for good measure. He sports twin orange rotor blades, made of a transparent plastic shared with his canopy and tailfins. The orange plastic is lighter than that used on the Beast Machines toy of the same name (and mould). There are some yellow paint applications on his gunpods, which works since the yellow is close to both the beige and orange. This is a pretty attractive colour scheme, although why Hasbro decided to repaint a helicopter as a chocolate milk cow is anyone's guess. This toy is sometimes referred to as "Cow Obsidian" (c8

   Aside from the misplaced bovine theme, the design is clearly not a real helicopter. The twin rotors are big, tall and obvious. They sit on the ends of a wing above the fuselage, below the wings are beefy looking gunpods, which have five yellow barrels each. There's also a dark brown gun underneath the cockpit which can swing up and down, giving Obsidian a total of eleven barrels. Adding to the already impressive armoury are the missile launchers - swing the rotors forward and press the orange buttons at the back and you'll fire the rotors, which are designed to double as buzzsaw blades. They don't spin and will only fire maybe 20cm, but still provide some play value.

   The styling is very military and Obsidian looks like he could almost be a real chopper (or an Air Force cow). The big rotors and proliferation of weaponry make for a powerful looking combat machine, even at this scale. Cow Obsidian doesn't look quite as a powerful as the BM version, since the colours are softer.

   Adding to the play value in the rotors is a semi-detachable cockpit, which can fold forward to rest on a ball joint, allowing it to pivot around like a bird's head. The rear landing gear can fold up, while the front gear are moulded underneath the gunpods and don't move. I'd recommend leaving the rear wheels down otherwise he'll tip back.

   A giant flying weapon, a good colour set and great play value make this a good chopper mode. The splotches (which I suspect are meant to be camouflage) look strange but don't hurt the colour theme, and make for a rather novel repaint. As with the original, there's no trace of black here.


   Fold down the tail, which will cause the nose to also fold down thanks to a series of gears. The torso will have formed and the head swung out, although you'll have to fold it forward. Fold down the gunpods to form his arms, split the legs and rotate the tailfins back to form heelspurs.

Height: 11cm Width: 12cm

   Again mainly beige with some brown splotches, his legs are brown and black is again nowhere to be found. The orange is really just a highlighting colour now, although we see a little more on the top of his head, which is a simple angular affair with a transparent orange eyeblock with a very poor lightpipe (which is more than the original had). The face is typically Vehicon, betraying the heritage of this mould. It's simple and drone-like, so I don't object to the lack of detail even if most RiD moulds had high higher detail. The colours again work well, even if we still have cow spots, including a prominent one on his chest.

   Big, blocky and top-heavy, Obsidian again gives the impression of a fighting machine, despite his size. The wings sit over his shoulders as giant shoulderpads, the rotorblades on the tips make for a toy that's more or less triangle shaped. Instead of hands he has gunracks, which works for an instrument of destruction. The top of the torso is the gear mechanism while the lower half is the cockpit of the chopper. The nose gun is pretty phallic, but luckily it's the same dark brown as his legs and you don't really see it.

   The rotor-missiles can again swing forward and fire in this mode. The Beast Machines cartoon featured a flying mode, which is achieved by leaving his legs attached and folding down his feet. He's unable to stand in this configuration but you can hold him, for enhanced play value I guess.

   The head is on a ball joint and the neck is hinged at the bottom, the shoulders are restricted ball joints that function as swivels while the elbows have both hinges and ball joints. The hips are ball jointed while the knees and ankles are ball joints, with the heelspurs able to rotate allowing for stable posing. The end result is great poseability for a basic, despite the top heaviness of this mode. Add in the rotors and you've got great play value for a toy with no handweapons (or true hands, for that matter).

   Aside from the nosegun, I have no real complaints. It's a good robot mode with lots of play value and good colours. The weak attempt and camouflage is even less convincing now, but there's a comic charm to the cow effect on this repaint. The moulding is unmistakably Vehicon, so if you don't like that look you probably wont think much of his looks, but the play value is is hard to argue with.


   The second toy of this mould, sharing the same name as the original. There was a later use of the mould, which was _again_ called Obsidian in TFU. No actual variations that I'm aware of.


   A good mould that's worth revisiting, although a new name and proper function wouldn't have gone astray. The cow theme is so weird it's endearing, although if you're only going to get one version of the mould you probably wont appreciate it - the original's paint job highlights the strengths of the mould anywhere. If you can get it for a decent price, this is an interesting repaint of a good mould - 6.5/10

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