Cloudraker Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Cloudraker
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Sky Fighter
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Plane

Height: 4cm Length: 12cm Width: 7cm

   A red and khaki jet, Cloudraker's meant to be a fighter but to me looks like more of a space transport of some kind - no doubt he'd like that description. The cockpit is quite small, suggesting he's large for a fighter. He's essentially khaki with a red rear fuselage and red nose. The jets are red rectangles that sit on top of the fuselage, and the black wings are attached to khaki struts that extend back from the sides of the fuselage itself - I suppose you could construe it as being an extreme swept back wing configuration. The canopy is sky blue and there's a yellow sticker on his nose with a red Autobot symbol.

   Before I go any further I'll say it straight out - I really like this jet mode. The wing design works for me, and the red guns underneath look like runners. The boxy jets on top remind me of Concorde SST jets. All of these features appeal to me, and the red and khaki work well together.

   There are two rubsigns, between the jets. The rear one, at the very back of the fuselage, is different to the standard rubsigns and rubbing it reveals a picture of a plane. There are stickers on top of the jets with silver mechanical detail and stickers inside the fuselage extensions with red highlights. These stickers are identical to stickers on his brother Fastlane.

   There's not really any play value here, although with the guns underneath doubling as runners and no missile launchers, there's not really much scope.

   Overall this is good jet mode. The colours work, the design has lots of cool elements and the guns underneath work really well. It's a Cybertronian jet mode, so accuracy isn't an issue.


   Remove the guns. Although you can actually leave them attached, you're not meant to. Flip the nose underneath the front of the fuselage and slide this section into the main body of the toy. Swing the wings underneath the fuselage extensions and swing those forward and together to form his legs. Flip up the feet. Rotate the arms 180 and fold them down to his sides, flip out the hands. Give him his handguns.

   The hands can be tricky to flip out, since they have hard to reach tabs on them. You might want to use a blunt knife or something similar. If you flip them out after having only rotated his arms 90, it's not that difficult.

Height: 11cm Width: 7cm

   Essentially this mode looks the same as Fastlane's robot mode - they are clones, after all. I will point out the few differences. The torso is red, as are the arms and feet. His hands, thighs and lower legs are khaki. The torso's red is slightly duller than the red of the red parts, since it's actually red paint as opposed to red plastic. Cloudraker has a red head and his eye visor is sky blue. He has a moulded nose and mouth, which are relatively difficult to see under artificial light since they're unpainted, but show up better in sunlight.

   Cloudraker's guns are visible over his shoulders if you've left them there, and he last the spoiler on his back that Fastlane has. From the back his wings are clearly visible on his calves. The other difference is the rubsigns in the centre of the chest - Cloudraker's reveals a plane, as mentioned. The standard rubsign, his only allegiance sticker in this mode, is on his groin. If you rub his groin, he's happy about it...

   The poseability is limited to his shoulders - the arms rotate 360 and his arms can fold over his chest (due to the transformation joints).

   This is an attractive robot mode with cool colours. He's very stocky, mainly due to big boxy shoulders. It's obvious that for these clones they started the design process with the robot mode, since this mode really looks like it was drawn, rather than being conceptualised from the vehicle mode's parts.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A good colour scheme, a very cool plane mode and a decent robot mode, but it probably goes without saying that Cloudraker is more fun if you have his twin brother. He's slightly cooler than Fastlane, mainly due to the plane mode, but I'd obviously recommend getting both rather than just one - 7.5/10

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