Clear Skies Team Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Nightscream
Series: Classics
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Dragon

Height: 4cm Length: 8.5cm Width: 10cm

   A fairly good European Dragon done in dark red and light orange. The two main colours don't gel too well, although both are perfectly acceptable colours on a dragon. The neck, wings are tail are orange while his head, body and legs are red. There's gold in his ribcage, which features little moulded ribs, which is really cool. The eyes are also gold. The colour scheme is good in theory, and while it's not awful, the transition between the dark red and light orange is too sudden. There's a black Autobot logo on the right flank, which is nice.

   There are no gimmicks here, nor much play value. The legs don't move, the upper jaw lifts while there's a ball joint at the base of his neck. The wings can lift up and down, as can the tail. The most useful poseability would have been leg movement, which Nightscream lacks - in fact the flanks don't lock in at all.

   The mould looks great and there are some nice points of articulation here, but the colours don't quite work and the loose flanks are annoying. It's still a good effort at this scale, and I do enjoy this dragon.


   Swing the flanks down and back to form legs, rotate the dragon's back around to form the upper body. The legs straighten up somewhat, effectively bringing the beast legs on either side closer together. Swing the dragon head down to form his right arm, ditto the tail to form the left arm. It's tricky to transform him without popping the tail off, although if you're careful you can keep it attached.

Height: 6cm Width: 10cm

   A spindly red and orange robot. The legs, upper torso, head and right hand are red while the lower torso and the remainder of the arms is orange. The dragon wings sit on his back, as wings. The collar and feet are black while his triangular face is yellow. Again the two main colours are disjointed, although the black paint is used to good effect.

   Nightscream has an impressive wingspan, his wings are easily bigger than his slender, fragile looking torso. The arms are really a way to deal with kibble. The right arm is conceptually quite good, although it's a little curved - especially the wrist, and looks downright awful if it's next to his body. The left arm is... a tail... not an arm. It's worth noting that the port sits on his left shoulder. While it's on the rump in dragon mode, you'll find it's only accessible here.

   While the legs are quite clever and the wingspan is impressive, Nightscream's robot mode is essentially secondary to the dragon mode. The torso and left arm are iffy, which makes the robot mode very limited.


   A nice dragon mode with some great aspects but poor colour choices, a fragile transformation and a mediocre robot mode. Nightscream isn't awful, the dragon mode is still quite cool - but he's a victim of an ambitious choice of alt mode and bad colours - 6/10
Name: Steel Wind
Series: Classics
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: A-10 Thunderbolt Plane

Height: 1.5cm Length: 6.5cm Width: 7cm

   A tiny yet very detailed A-10 Thunderbolt with maroon around the light blue canopy and at the front of the engines. There's an array of moulded bombs underwing and tiny twin guns under his nose. There are tiny moulded wheels under his wings and nose, although they don't roll. There's a stamped red Autobot logo on the port side of the nose, rounding out a very attractive tiny plane.

   There's not much play value here, but the plane holds together quite well - despite looking fragile around certain transformation seams - notably the splits down the front and along the lengths of the wings. The port is underneath his tail.

   A great plane mode at this size, both in detail and stability. Steel Wind has more detail than quite a lot of larger Transformers, in fact.


   Split the front, rotate the front halves of the wings (and the halves of the front), so that the nose ends up on the wingtips. Rotate the wings down and in to form legs, unclip the engines. Swing back the tailfins, split the tail and swing the halves out to the sides forming shoulderpads & revealing his head. Rotate the engines down to form arms and slide out his tiny fists.

Height: 5.5cm Width: 5.5cm

   A silver robot with black fists, maroon wrists and some maroon and might blue on his big feet. The Autobot logo is on his right foot now. Sadly, the face is unpainted, although there are moulded eyes and mouth.

   Steel Wind has long legs and long feet, a shortish torso and short arms. Still, he looks decent since the legs are covered in bombs, the tailfins on his wide shoulderpads look great and the tiny slide out fists are impressive. There's not much poseability - the elbows lift up. There are ball joints in his hips and the ankles are hinged, but without heelspurs or knees these don't mean much. Considering that his legs are the scissored wings, I don't expect knees, but something in the way of heelspurs would have been nice. The legs are slightly spread - at ease, really - which looks a little odd. The port is now on his waist.

   The proportions are a little off, but the rack of missiles on his legs, wonderful fists and shoulderpads are all nice. Considering the transformation, I don't expect too much more here - but some paint on his face and small heelspurs would have been nice.


   The best toy in the set. The A-10 mode is worth the price of entry alone, and the transformation is not only very ambitious but successful. The two biggest flaws are both in robot mode - the unpainted face and lack of heelspurs - and both should have been addressed. Neither of these flaws are able to ruin a nice toy with a fantastic mini plane mode - 8/10
Name: Thunderwing
Series: Classics
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: F-14 Jet Fighter

Height: 2.5cm Length: 7.5cm Width: 5.5cm

   A blue F-14 Tomcat with a gold nose, metallic blue canopy, gold USAF style badges on his wings (with Autobot logos) and yellow plastic tailfins. There are some hints of yellow plastic in some visible connecting pieces. There's a visible port at the back, which can swing underneath or sit at the back forming an awkward single thruster (F-14s have two, mind you). The colours are a little too primary for a fighter jet, but aren't actually bad colours by any stretch.

   As with Steel Wind, Thunderwing has three tiny, solid moulded wheels. The wings swing out, slightly further than A real F-14's wings can. This is about as much play value as we could hope for at this scale. Like Steel Wind, the moulded detail is impressive, although not quite as easy to discern on darkish blue as on the silver of Steel Wind.

   A good plane mode, the colours remind me of G2 in some ways, but aren't garish. Mind you, his colours aren't realistic either. The detailing is great and the play value is as good as we could realistically ask at this scale.


   Split the front, fold out to the sides. Fold up the central panel at the rear into the resulting gap, to form his chest. The port actually flips up to form his head. Fold up the tailwings, flip out the tailfin sections to form boots. Swing down the halves of the nose to form hands.

Height: 6cm Width: 3cm

   A blue robot with yellow legs, a silver face and a red eyestrip. Thunderwing has tailfins on his kneecaps - not someone you want kicking out at you. The colours are about the same as the jet mode, although there's less gold and the Autobot logos are now on his back. The chest is a tad bare and I'm not sure that all yellow legs works, but for such an unorthodox transformation, this is a good end result.

   Thunderwing has long, thin arms and pointy hands, while his legs are slightly spread - similar to those of Steel Wind but without the clown feet. The shoulders are ball jointed which represents the only play value here. The port is on the back of his head and while it's accessible, plugging him into a larger Transformer is a dubious proposition.

   A decent robot mode, and while the colour map isn't perfect, Thunderwing's robot mode comes off well all things considered. The arms aren't great, but are a by-product of his ambitious transformation.


   Bad choice of name, considering he's an Autobot with bright colours. Still, the jet mode is very good and the transformation is ambitious and he manages it quite well. The robot mode is his weakest aspect but it's far from being a failure. Another ambitious jet Minicon which works - 7/10

   None that I'm aware of.


Two ambitious planes and a nice dragon with a dodgy robot mode. Steel Wind is the pick of the bunch with an excellent plane mode and a very ambitious transformation. Thunderwing shares the same strengths as Steel Wind but a poor choice of colours holds him back a little. Nightscream is the weak link, but his dragon mode is cool enough to save him from his compromised robot mode. If you like Minicons, pick up this ambitious set - 7/10

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