Classics Devastator Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Devastator
Series: Classics
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: N/A - Gestalt comprising Bonecrusher, Hightower, Long Hail, Scavenger & Scrapper.

Thanks to kup for loaning me Devastator for this review

Like the BWII God Neptune set, these guys are only available as a boxset. Sure they're a higher profile released in the USA, but they're still a collective repaint (of Energon Devastator). So, in the tradition of God Neptune, I'm doing a group review. I'll link to the originals of each mould for more details - this review will largely focus on the repaints.

(Repaint of Sledge/Energon Bonecrusher)

   A lime green payloader with some grey on places like the thighs and shovel arm, black on spots like the tyres and head. Bonecrusher also has some transparent purple plastic on his cockpit and the weapon. His colour scheme is probably closest to the G1 Constructicons of all the limbs here, even if the vehicle is closer to Scrapper than Bonecrusher. Either way, he sports a good colour scheme even if it's not all that different to Sledge. As repaint he doesn't offer that much, but if you don't have the Energon set this is one of the stronger toys in this set. He has a good colour map on both modes - on a good mould, even considering how similar the overall feel is to Sledge he's still one of my favourites here.

(Repaint of Duststorm/Energon Wideload)

   A lime green crane with purple windows and a name taken from RiD since Hasbro has lost the rights to Hook. Anyway, this mould really doesn't work in one colour - and yet again the chest looks plain and cries out for some painted detailing. Granted the green doesn't look as awkward as the twotone blue on Duststorm (and the name is better suited), but it's not as nice as the grass green, grey and black of Wideload. The painted details are actually pretty good, with danger stripes and other subtle details, and the Construction green theme is well thought out. It just doesn't help his gimpish robot mode. He's not as cheesy as the other crane in this set, Long Haul, despite being a lot brighter.

(Repaint of Duststorm/Energon Wideload)

   A black and purple crane, Long Haul is mainly black with a purple crane arm/left robot arm, robot thighs and chest. The windows are gold, which pretty much ruins any real Constructicon theme here, despite the Decepticon purple. There are some token lime green pinstripes and a really bad green border around the right forearm (specifically the recessed hand). The combination of three dominatinfg colours against black is cheesy - I would have preferred the loss of gold and some more green, since that would have toned down his colours and strengthened his Constructicon theme (not that he has one). There's pretty much no link between this figure and the original, which was a dump truck anyway. It's a limited mould anyway, and with colours that work against the whole idea of Classics being updated versions of the G1 characters. Which is a shame since in theory this mould should have worked better with a black base than in all lime green.

(Repaint of Steamhammer)

   A rather minor repaint of Steamhammer, Scavenger is a lime green power shovel with black treads and a black shovel arm. The head is black while his chest is painted purple. The biggest difference in colour here is that the shovel itself is grey not green. It is a good G1 tribute - and the name works since he's fairly similar to the G1 toy. There's more silver on the chest than on Steamhammer, also, which ties into the G1 toy nicely. Despite the strength of the tribute here, Scavenger isn't that different from Steamhammer, which makes him perhaps the least interesting member of this pack if you have the Energon versions.

(Repaint of Sledge/Energon Bonecrusher)

   A mid grey and black payloader with some lime green highlights, purple windows and gold painted hubcaps and gold on the inside of the shovel. By limiting the purple and using gold on less prominent locations, Scrapper achieves what Long Haul managed to do - utilise a variety of supporting colours without being garish. There's not much of a G1 homage in his colour scheme - the trade off for relegating both lime and purple to the sidelines. Still, this is a wonderful repaint and my favourite colour scheme in the set. He doesn't really fit into the Classics homage system, but then there are only five toys in this set, not six. So it's not entirely his fault.

   A largely green combined form with transparent purple hands and feet. Depending on which limb goes where you'll end up with one black limb and one grey one. I've put both on the legs for the sake of my photo, since it means the green on top dominates the non-Constructicon colours. There's not really much of a tribute to G1 Devastator here, and the colour scheme is kinda unbalanced overall, since we have three toys of a consistent colours and two outliers. While it would have hurt the set as a group of smaller toys, more green (or purple) would have really helped here. He's not the five-colour gestalt we're used to, and not a unified one either.


   None that I'm aware of. The set was sold exclusively through the Wal*Mart chain in the USA.


The combined mode is disjointed and the crane toys aren't that great. Still, three of the toys carry a G1 colour scheme and a four has a kickass colour scheme anyway. I'd recommend the Energon set over this lot, and if you're interested in Devastator as a character, you'll probably want the original anyway. Really, as a fairly limited set it'll be able as easy to obtain the originals over this repainted set - one for the completists - 5/10

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