Cyberjet Jetfire Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Jetfire
Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Air Guardian
Alternate Mode: Fighter Jet

Height: 4cm Length: 11cm Width: 7cm, 11cm with wings out

   An off white swing wing fighter jet with a black missile launcher claw on top, black undercarriage and grey camouflage on the fuselage, wings and tailwings. The wings are actually black plastic with off white stickers. The camouflage splotches are on every surface save for the canopy and missile launcher, and while are sticker details on the wings and insides of the tailfins, are a dull grey paint on the rest of the jet. The canopy is transparent yellow while the missile is a straight white. On the whole it's a good colour scheme, although some sky blue robot bits are visible underneath. While it's a minor issue, they do stand out more than the corresponding red parts on Hooligan (of whom Jetfire is a repaint).

   The stickers on the inside of his tailfins feature the number "002", and below the numbers are black G2 _Decepticon_ logos. I'm not sure why Jetfire has these - Hooligan has no allegiance symbols at all, so we can rule out it being a detail they forgot to change. The numbers are nice but the Decepticon logos are just plain annoying. There are USAF logos on his wings, so it seems he'll wear the badge of any army but the Autobots...

   There's a little bit of undercarriage, although as mentioned the blue groin parts don't really impact on his overall aesthetic. The off white robot legs are stowed under the tailfins, and don't stand out at all. The rear wheels fold down from his robot legs and the front wheel folds out from under the nose. I should point out that the undercarriage is black with moulded wheels.

   Aside from the wheels, the swing wings and missile launcher give Jetfire pretty good play value for a small toy. The missile launcher is a ball-pressure affair. Basically, you push on the back of the missile until the ball slips out of the claw and the missile flies across the room. The upside is that there aren't any moving parts to wear out, but these aren't as powerful as spring launchers. Jetfire comes with two white missiles, and the spare can stow thanks to a notch on the underside. The launcher is on a ball joint, so if you unclip it from the top of the fuselage it'll point in any direction other than those blocked by the tailwings - you can even swing it underneath the plane!

   On the whole, this is a very good fighter jet. The colours are good and have an Arctic feel about them. The Decepticon logos are the main flaw of this mode - and are enough to prevent me from endorsing this jet mode wholeheartedly. The play value is excellent, and makes this jet mode worthwhile.


   Pretty involved for a small Transformer, and difficult to really describe. Basically, the landing gear folds away and wings retract, the legs swing out from underneath, the front of the jet becomes the front of his torso and the rear his back. The missile launcher becomes his right forearm while the left arm was buried inside the toy. The joints are slightly tighter than those on Hooligan, incidentally.

Height: 10cm Width: 7cm

   Again largely off white, but now the sky blue is more prominent than the black - he has blue upper arms and thighs and a black right forearm. There are some grey splotches on his chest and groin, but much of the camouflage is now on his back. You can swing the wings out in this mode if you like, although they're not really meant to stick out the sides and look pretty kibbly if you do. The back is pretty much a pile of wings and fins, but it's all close to his centre of gravity so there's not really a problem with stability. The relegation of the grey to his back helps the robot colour scheme of off white and sky blue, which looks _really_ nice, and again has an Arctic feel about it. The transparent yellow, white and black are now only minor players.

   Jetfire's head is actually off white painted over transparent yellow. His face is an unpainted transparent yellow "T" shape, which works in the same way as Shockwave's eye works - simple and effective. The lightpipe effect works fairly well, although not as well as that of Hooligan's, since the off white is light enough to hide the light. I'd actually have preferred a completely clear face, or a slightly misty plastic, but yellow still works.

   The missile launcher come right hand works just as well in this mode, and if unloaded, the claw is about the right size to be a claw-hand for Jetfire. The left hand can hold his other missile, or you can attach it to the notch on the underside of his left forearm.

   The missile launcher is only half the coolness of this robot mode. The neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees are all ball jointed and with the exception of the neck have wide ranges of movement. A wide range of poses are possible, and he can aim his missile or use his spare as a club. The tighter joints on Jetfire actually make him slightly easier to pose than Hooligan, and this is probably the one clear advantage he has over his Decepticon counterpart.

   I can't really fault this robot mode. For the time the poseability was nothing short of revolutionary and even today the Cyberjets have terrific poseability. The colours work, the missile launcher is cool. The lightpipe doesn't work quite as well as it could have, but works nonetheless. And those stupid Decepticon symbols are on his backpack (c8


   None that I'm aware of, but as mentioned, he is a repaint of Hooligan.


   Two good modes, a complex but not difficult transformation, good colours and tremendous play value for a small toy make Jetfire a great toy. His only real flaw is the really annoying inclusion of the Decepticon logos on his jet mode - not only were they avoidable, they were _added_ to Jetfire. This is definitely a mould I recommend, and I while prefer Jetfire's colours to Hooligan's, I'd recommend Hooligan over Jetfire only because of the 'Con logos. Having said that, I recommend both - 8.5/10

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