Chrome Streak Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Bluestreak
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Gunner
Alternate Mode: Datsun 280ZX Fairlady

Thanks to Goktimus Prime for loaning me Chrome Streak for this review.

Height: 3.5cm Length: 11cm Width: 4.5cm

   A chrome repaint of Bluestreak. The entire toy is chrome silver save for the black rubber tyres. Both the die cast metal at the front and rear as well as the plastic of the doors and roof. Even the windows are chromed rather than colourless. The lines of the targa top are still there, along with other features such as the doorhandles. The side windows are open, as on the regular version. He comes with the regular sticker sheet, which allows you to add some colour here, in the form of the two Autobot logo stickers. This is far from a realistic portrayal of a 280ZX and not a whole lot like Bluestreak, but is a nice concept for a limited edition variant.

   As with most Diaclone based Transformers, Bluestreak has die cast metal parts - his front section and the rear of the car are die cast, making him quite heavy, but also giving him a more solid feel. You can't easily pick the metal here since everything is covered in chrome. I'm not sure how durable the chrome is, but I wouldn't recommend playing with him to test it out.    There are other optional stickers, if you want to add more colour. The front headlights have blue stickers inside them, the license plates read "FairladyZ", the taillights are orange and red, and even have the white reverse lights in the right spot. There's no rubsign on the door.

   His wheels roll, but he doesn't have axles so he wont roll freely very far. As with nearly all Diaclone Autobots, he's got a spot in his cabin where you can fit a Diaclone driver. The inside of the cabin is pretty much just robot kibble, but it doesn't hurt his overall look.

   The only major flaw in this mode is fragility. The roof has a habit of snapping off - roofless Bluestreaks are easy to find. Needless to say, this ruins the car mode. The chrome also adds a layer of fragility, although I doubt most buyers of this toy would be playing with it anyway.

   An interesting repaint with a profusion of chrome, Chrome Streak's car mode is visually distinct, making him a nice display piece. The mould itself is good, with a nice sculpt and realistic shape. While the appeal is limited, it succeeds as a limited repaint.


   Pull out the rear section, flip it down and pull the two halves apart to form the feet. Lift the groin locking plate up, rotate the waist 180 degrees and lock the groin again. Unclip the fists from the shoulders, swing the arms up from inside the front of the car, fold the front down to form the chest - the head should reveal, if it doesn't, fold the roof down onto his back and the head will fold up. Open the doors to form wings. Position the arms, give him his shoulder missile launchers and his rifle.

Height: 11cm Width: 9.5cm

   Again he's entirely chrome with the black rubber tyres. The stickers can again add some colour if you choose to add them - and in this mode there are more stickers which can be added. The face is unpainted, and loses a little bit of definition in the sculpt as a result. The chest is the hood of the Datsun, while his feet are the rear section of the car, the taillights are on his toes and the rear window has become the shins. The doors are now wings, as mentioned - they stick out to the sides from behind the shoulders, but are far enough back that they're not in the way of the arm poseability at all.

   Bluestreak's poseability is limited to his arms, which are very poseable for G1 - his wrists rotate, his elbows are hinged and there are two swivels in each shoulders giving them full motion. Adding to the play value is the missile launchers, which shoot chrome silver missiles maybe 6 inches. Ok, it's not great, but it's a feature. His gun, which is chrome silver, fits in one hand, but the barrel can rest on the other, simulating a two-handed grip.

   The robot mode layout is impressive, although the chrome underplays features such as the doors and hood on his chest. Again the silver makes for a distinctive repaint and an interesting repaint.


   None that I'm aware of. He was sold exclusively through the Japanese online retailer, e-Hobby, and is likely to be limited to a single production run.


   A good mould and a classic character, but this repaint has a limited appeal. The concept is interesting, and while it wont appeal to everyone, it's well done for what it is. This one is more of a display piece than a playable Bluestreak, but the regular version is fragile anyway. If you like the character/mould and the idea appeals to you, then I'd recommend this repaint if you have the means to get it, but considering the rarity of this one, it's not for the casual collector - 6/10

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