Chromedome Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Chromedome
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Computer Programmer
Alternate Mode: Futuristic Car

Height: 7cm Length: 15cm Width: 9cm

   A brown and beige futuristic car with extensive red highlights, and unlike a lot of futuristic Transformers, Chromedome looks distinctly like a car, despite not being modelled on an actual model. The main block of the car is brown, the sides and rear are beige. The roof, centre rear panel and a panel on the hood are red, as well as the twin cannons mounted on the roof. He has a smokey transparent wraparound window. This window is dark enough that you can't really see much more than light through it, so Stylor's basically hidden in this mode.

   The transparent canopy opens up to reveal a seat for Stylor, although you have to remove the guns before it can open. I actually like this, since it allows you to lock the canopy closed, reducing the chance of it popping open and Stylor going AWOL. Chromedome has pretty good moulded detail in this mode, including a very 1980s stepped sunshade on the rear (which is beige, but you still get the look), and a lot of mechanical detail on the side panels. The headlights are stickers, and combined with the shape of the hood, they have a 1980s Ford Mustang look about them - it may well have ben the designers' inspiration or starting point. The red hatch on the hood can lift up, but only reveals the robot mode's tech spec meter, so you might as well leave it down.

   There's not really all that much play value in this mode. Stylor can ride seated in the cockpit or stand next to Chromedome, and the wheels roll, although they're plastic with ridges so he's not going to roll very far unaided.

   Overall, this is a decent car mode. The colours work, I like the fact that it clearly looks like a car - I think the Mustang look helps here. There's a solid feel about this mode too, everything fits together firmly, and he feels quite heavy for a plastic car of this size. The play value is somewhat limited, but not really any less than you'd expect.


   Flip out the legs from underneath, the rear section halves flip out to become the feet. Fold the cockpit underneath the hood, which becomes the chest. Swing his arms down, attach Stylor in head mode, give him his guns.

Height: 19.5cm Width: 9cm

   Still brown and beige with red highlights, Chromedome now has a grey head. His chest and legs are brown, his arms and feet are beige, his groin is red as is the centre of his chest. The head is grey with an orange mouthplate. Overall the colours work quite well. The combination of the three colours of Chromedome himself and the grey and orange of Stylor is fine, since they're all earth tones.

   His guns are red, and fit snugly into the holes on his hands. It's easy to miss that Chromedome doesn't actually have hands, they've done a great job of making hands with no fingers. Just above the hands are wrist seams, and the insides of the hands (which are hollow) look like thumbs. Adjacent to his hands on his hips are the front tyres of the car - the rear tyres are on his ankles. Despite the car mode looking very carlike, the tyres are the only real hint here as to his alt mode - the hood makes for a very natural looking chest.

   Probably the biggest problem with Headmasters is that without the partner, the robot is a loss. Detaching the head looks silly, although there are reasons to do so - you can have Stylor standing next to a headless Chromedome if you like, and of course you can flip open the tech spec meter and click in the head, which will cause his specs to appear (SPD 5, STR 6, INT 10).

   The tech spec meter gimmick constitutes a lot of the play value of this mode. His arms swing at shoulders, but that's really it for poseability. While it's not much, that's about standard for a Headmaster.

   Stylor has a grey torso and head with an orange face - just like the giant head he becomes. He has red arms and legs and his hips and knees bend, allowing him to sit. His shoulders also swing - Stylor is more poseable than Chromedome! I like the fact that he has a tiny moulded nose and mouth, although it's kind of lost amongst the orange paint, it's a nice touch. The colours are good, red and grey tend to work together very well, so overall Stylor's a cool little Nebulan.


   None that I'm aware of. A Junior version was produced.


   Chromedome's a nice toy, both Chromedome and Stylor have good colour schemes, and Chromedome looks good in both modes. There's only limited play value here - a lot of it revolves around the Headmaster gimmick, which is really the whole point of the toy. If you're a G1 fan, you should like Chromedome, he's one of the better large Headmasters, although fans of more recent, more poseable toys, probably won't like him - 7.5/10

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