Chase Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Chase
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Scout
Alternate Mode: Ferrari Testarossa

Height: 3cm Length: 7.5cm Width: 4cm

   A small red Testarossa with black windows and the distinct lines on the back (and sides) than this particular Ferrari usually has, Chase has a black front bumper, white wheels and black rubber tyres. The bumper and front windshield are black plastic, although the side windows are black stickers. Chase is shorter and "cuter" than a real Ferrari, as with the other Throttlebot sports cars. He really does look cute, and the red and black colour scheme comes off really well.

   He has front headlight seams (pop-up lights), the lines on his sides and rear as mentioned, as well as curved lines along his sides. There is an air intake grill on his front bumper, but since it's all black this is very easy to miss. While his level of detail is lower than most Throttlebots, the overall effect is still pretty good, and with the dark colour scheme he has, finer details aren't that visible anyway.

   As with all Throttlebots, Chase is built around his pull back motor - which is why he scored the rubber tyres. He has front and rear axles and a pretty powerful pullback motor, allowing him to roll around 10 metres (30 feet) on a hard floor, and he'll roll straight, or close to it. While it's a pretty good pull back motor, once you've bent an axles, that's it - he'll veer to one side for the rest of his existence.

   It's a simple car mode, the choice of car model works well and the colours work - especially for a Ferrari. The gimmick works well, and it _is_ a fun gimmick. I had loads of fun with my Throttlebots as a kid, and I still have by original Chase, in good shape despite the beating he copped when I was a child. So not only does it look great, it's durable too...


   Fold up the sides to become the arms, fold the rear and cabin up, fold the rear itself down to reveal the head, push in the rear wheels. That's it.

Height: 7cm Width: 5.5cm

   Like his car mode, Chase's robot mode is mainly red. His toes - the front bumper - are black, as are the windows now on his torso. He has a blue head with a gold face, that looks good although the facial detail isn't so good. On the original version there's a rubsign indent (& rubsign maybe) on his chest (the roof), which is filled in and replaced by an Autobot logo on the Classic version.

   Like all Throttlebots, his legs are about 5mm long. His arms are the lined panels on the sides of his body, with fingers moulded into them, and his feet are the car hood with the wheels sticking out the back. Oh and he has a hood formed from the rear of the car behind his head. Ok, not the best proportions - in fact they suck. But that's not the point of a Throttlebot, is it?

   Like all Throttlebots, Chase has zero points of articulation. He pretty much stands there being Chase - unless you roll him backwards, of course - his play value is in the pullback motor sticking out behind his feet. The pullback mechanism works equally well in this mode, allowing you to send Chase scurrying along the floor - something I did a _lot_ as a kid - usually he'd take aim at Bruticus, quite often knocking the gestalt over.

   If you like poseability and detail, this isn't a robot mode you'll like. The colours really work well, and I actually like the somewhat random blue head, since it fits the red and black in terms of shade. The real point of this mode, as with the car mode, is the pullback gimmick - which works very well.


   There's the original with rubsign and indent, and the Classic with no indent and a straight Autobot logo sticker. Neither is really superior to the other, although the Classic wasn't released in North America or Japan. I have the original.


   A cute Ferrari mode and one of the nicer robot modes make Chase my favourite Throttlebot. If you like articulated, high detail, Transformers, you wont like him, but the main point of this toy - the pull back motor - works really well. If you only get one Throttlebot, get this one - 6.5/10, assuming the pull back mechanism appeals to you

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