Chainclaw Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Chainclaw
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Ground Trooper
Alternate Mode: Bear

Thanks to Griffin for loaning me Chainclaw's shell, making this review possible.

Height: 6cm Length: 10.5cm Width: 5.5cm

   A yellow bear with grey hindlegs, front paws and a grey head, Chainclaw has a wraparound orange eyestrip and an Autobot logo sticker on his back, rounding out a simple colour scheme. This is a pretty uninspiring colour scheme, even before you consider that it's not really very bearlike not terribly robotic - as his sculpt is.

   The bodyshape is fairly generic - head aside this could be any number of quadrupeds, even then the head isn't specifically that of a bear, more a fairly generic carnivore. There's not much play value here - the legs swing back and forth and his grey gun can plug into his back.

   There's very little to this animal mode, and nothing really impressive. It's almost as if the designer did the bare minimum here, only making sure there's an alt mode of some form.


   Fold out the rear to become his robot legs, flip up the head down to form his chestplate. Stand the robot up, swing down his arms and fold his hands out. Swing the bear's hindlegs back out of the way.

Height: 10.5cm Width: 6cm

   Again mainly yellow, Chainclaw now has a grey chestplate, grey wrists and fists and a green face. The chestplate has a large cavity where the robot head rests in animal mode while the face is painted entirely green. The facial sculpt is mostly obscured by this green paint, which doesn't really bring much to the paint job anyway. There's no visible Autobot symbol here, and hardly any stickers on this robot mode, which is as crappy as the animal mode.

   The lower legs are a single piece with subtly moulded feet. The hindlegs of the bear hand off the sides while the chest has that large gap - which is crying out for an allegiance symbol at the very least. Had the designer done something with this gap, the bear mode chestplate might actually look good.

   Poseability is okay. The shoulders swing, and the head actually turns right around, which is not needed for the transformation at all. His knees don't bend, they only fold right back for animal mode. When the legs unfold for robot mode, the knees clip into place quite firmly, so any posing is out. The large double-barreled gun can clip onto the side of either arm.

   That's pretty much it - there's not really much to this robot mode. It's pretty generic with dicey colours. The gun is cool and the chestplate _could_ have been cool, but as it stands Chainclaw's robot mode is pretty ordinary.

The Pretender Shell

   A brown bear with white teeth and yellow eyes, Chainclaw's shell has shaggy fur moulded all over and a beige backpack. There's a removable silver plastic helmet which slots loosely over the ears, and a hole on his backpack allowing you to mount the gun. As with the robot and bear alt mode, this is a pretty simple toy, although it works a lot better than the inner robot, in truth.

   The helmet and gun represent the only major features of this shell, which does it's job unspectacularly. It's better than the robot that fits inside, but then that's not really saying too much.


   None I'm aware of.


   A very simple Transformer that seems designed simply to have a transformation and fit into a shell, and a simple shell. While there are worse Pretenders, few are as simple as Chainclaw. Granted he's better than Snarler, but he's still pretty dull. I'd only really recommend this toy if you like the concept or pick him up for a dollar or two at a market - 4/10

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