Collector's Club Skyfall Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Skyfall
Series: Collectors Club Exclusives
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Pilot of the Flash Frenzy / Deep Space Explorer (sounds like a bureaucrat got to this guy!)
Alternate Mode: Bomber (resembles A-10)

Height: 5cm Length: 13.5cm Width: 13cm

   A repaint of both Sky Shadow and Terradive, Skyfall is a transparent purple bomber with some fluorescent red on his tailfins, undercarriage and nose-cannon. The canopy is a dark transparent red and there are stamped Autobot logos on either wing. This colour scheme is pretty horrific, but as a limited collector-only repaint, the distinctive colours make Skyfall stand out. Much better we see such unusual colours on a limited edition toys than a general release toy (such as G2 Sparkstalker).

   While it's not a perfect A-10, it's obviously not meant to be. It's inspired by the A-10, and actually comes closer in many aspects than Powerglide, who _is_ meant to be an A-10. The wings are about the right shape and the tailfins and engines are in the right places, so the general look is achieved. Of course, you'd never see one in these colours - which is a good thing.

   Skyfall has a fairly big red gun underneath his nose, a colourless spark crystal between the engines at the rear of the fuselage and sockets in his wings for his Energon weapon to slot into. The Energon weapon is a folded over transparent red double barrelled affair, which can clip into either wing, into a hole on top or actually slide over the cannon on the front. On top is best, since its bulk looks awkward hanging off the front and on the wing is unbalanced.

   There are three retractable wheels underneath the bomber, but you don't really have the option of folding them up and resting him on a table because there's a belly-turret. This little dome-shaped attachment actually rotates, allowing Skyfall to target the hinged canons, although if you aim it straight down you reveal his robot head. This turret represents fantastic play value and detail for a basic, and for me really rounds out a good bomber mode.

   The colour scheme is really strange, but he looks pretty cool with a light source behind him, and Skyfall works as an exclusive. Exclusives like this are usually Takara territory, which makes Skyfall stand out even more alongside Hasbro toys. The play value is pretty good for a basic, although the canons on his head pop off quite easily.


   Retract the landing gear, unclip the engines and fold down the panels covering his thighs. Swing the wings down and back, flip up the head and clip into his shoulders. Rotate the head and lift the canons to reveal his face. Rotate the waist, split the legs, lift up the feet. Pose and give him his gun.

   It's a fairly easy transformation once you get the hang of it, but it's a very clever one that relies on asymmetry in the legs and makes good use of the plane features for the robot mode.

Height: 12cm Width: 13cm

   Again primarily transparent purple, although now Skyfall has more fluorescent red - on his shoulders, groin, thighs and left boot. His head is black and red with transparent red eyes, which sport a decent lightpipe. The colours are still very unusual, and again remind of G2. It's worth noting that his colours are nothing like those of the Actionmaster Skyfall. The wings stick out to the sides behind his shoulders, and you can vaguely see the Autobot logos on the back side of them through the transparent plastic. His head is a rounded affair with sloping cheeks and night vision scope on top, which can swing down to form a gun-like set of goggles. The paint mask here is quite minimalist, and while he loses the stamped Autobot symbols the spark crystal is now central on his chest.

   Skyfall is a myriad of jet parts, from the canon-goggles on his head to the wings to the tailfins hanging off his shoulders, the turbines in front of his fists to his feet - the left foot is the nose canon while the right foot is his nose and canopy. The asymmetry in the feet is an odd idea and with only one foot carrying bright red, it doesn't really work. I don't mind so much - Skyfall is destined to be gaudy already.

   This is a lanky robot, especially around the waist. The wingspan on his back tends to make him look narrower than he is, but the poseability tends to offset that optical illusion in most poses. And there's a lot of poseability for a basic - especially considering he's an interchangeable Gestalt limb.

   The head turns and the canon-goggles swing up and down (if you swing them too far up, they can pop off quite easily). The shoulders, elbows, hips and ankles are all wide range ball joints while the waist turns and the ankles hinge and Sling even gets heelspurs, making him stable in a most poses.

   The only real flaw in this mode aside from the narrow hips is the turbines in front on his fists - he has moulded fists tucked between the turbines and his forearms, but while the turbines add to the impressive array of plane features, they overshadow the hands and make attaching the gun trickier than it should be.

   Despite the name and a jet mode, Skyfall isn't much of a G1 homage. The mould is a good one, although the colours here are far worse than those on Sky Shadow or Terradive. The left foot annoys me a little, but overall this toy is trying to be distinct, and the colours do that.


   This toy was sold only as part of the Official Transformers Collectors Club 2005 membership package. I doubt there are any variations, since the entire stock was most likely produced in one run.


   The idea is that from 2005 to 2009, you get five different toys who combine to form one big, exclusive gestalt (Nexus Prime). On his own, Skyfall is a very unusual repaint, and he's more about exclusivity than inherent value as a repaint. The mould itself is quite nice and while Skyfall retains the ability to combine, he won't colour co-ordinate with regular-issue Energon combiners. I managed to pick mine up through someone selling off their entire collection, but on the whole this toy isn't something that's easy to come by on the secondary market - the price you're likely to pay doesn't really justify what you get - so I can't recommend Skyfall, unless you're planning on getting the set over five years as part of membership - 6/10

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