Cybertron Crosswise Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Crosswise
Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Sports Car

Height: 5cm Length: 13.5cm Width: 6.5cm

   A rounded black sports car with transparent green windows and silver hubcaps, Crosswise has an Autobot logo stamped on his bonnet and bronze headlights. There's a silver grille on the front, red taillights and some red, silver and bronze around the exposed engine and spoiler at the back. The green is a menthol green and blends into the black well, giving Crosswise a very dark feel. While the colours are brooding, the painted details are about as good as you could ask of a deluxe car.

   The engineblock and spoiler are actually detachable, so if you prefer a flat back section you can have one - though I prefer Crosswise with a spoiler. The detachable section becomes a missile launcher in robot mode, and the transparent green missile plugs in the back here, creating a sort of afterburner effect. I'm not quite so keen on this look, though I guess if you want to give Crosswise a sense of motion it works well.

   Crosswise comes with a blue Planet Key (code: d9f2) which plugs into the back of the car. When you push it right in two missilepods flip out from either side of the engineblock. The springs are really powerful and the missilepods hit the painted roof quite hard, which is a little worrying. They do look rather cool, however, with four bronze missile tips each. I like how the add-on launcher piece allows clearance for his key gimmick to work. As with most later Cybertron toys, Crosswise can hold his key without the gimmick activating.

   A pretty good car mode overall, which is heavily based on the Bugatti Veyron (thanks to FortMax Reed for this info). The colours and painted details work, the gimmick is simple yet effective and the missile launcher assembly on the back adds another dimension.


   Unfold everything, basically. Crosswise is a classic shellformer, to an extent we haven't really seen since Side Burn. The front of the car becomes the chest while the arms, head and legs are all stowed underneath the shell, which ends up on his arms and back. The missile launcher becomes a handheld weapon, obviously.

Height: 15cm Width: 12.5cm

   A black robot with some silver plastic on his thighs and upper arms, Crosswise has some bronze highlights here and there, notably on his helmet. The face is silver with a transparent green eyevisor (reminiscent of Jazz) but no lightpipe. The colour scheme works very well and the Autobot logo is now central on his chest. The green windows are on his arms, with the doors on the shoulders while the roof and windshield form a shield on his left forearm.

   On the one hand, this robot mode really looks like something out of G1. On the other hand, the transformation is something from 1999-2001, with a whole bunch of car panels. The front of the car as a chest, the doors on his shoulders, the face and front tyres on the outsides of his ankles are all reminiscent of G1 while the rear fenders hanging off his back and the shield on his arm are elements you'd expect of Car Robots. Most of the elements here work visually, with the exception of the fenders hanging off his back - although they don't really stand out. If you prefer, you can swing the fenders forward to act as hip-mounted cannons. I'm not quite sold on this look, although the tips have small bumps (for locking into car mode) that look something like gun tips.

   The key gimmick is available here, with the slot rather unfortunately located - if you tell Crosswise to stick it, you'll be referring to his Planet Key. Anyway, the missilepods now deploy over his shoulders, and look good on either side of his head. Again they deploy forcefully thanks to the strong springs, at least they now hit unpainted plastic. The missile launcher works reasonably well as a handheld weapon - so long as the flame-shaped missile is inserted - it looks weird otherwise, since without the missile it's not much more than a spoiler on a stick.

   Crosswise has pretty good poseability, with ball joints in his shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. The arm joints really need to be ball jointed to allow him to contort and fit everything back into the car - but I'm not complaining. The feet and heelspurs are hinged - both the feet and heelspurs can swing up and down, while the fenders hanging off the back act as stabilising legs, giving Crosswise a ridiculous range of stable dynamic poses. The head turns and hinges back and forth, although the latter is quite limited. Other than the fixed waist and wrists there's not really much more we could ask here.

   A good robot mode despite the shellformer panels hanging off him, Crosswise uses most of the panels fairly well. He's very poseable and the key gimmick works well even if the slot's location is dubious. I really like the G1 feel here, the chest and head look great, and the missilepods on his shoulders enhance the G1 homage even if they're part of a distinctly Cybertron gimmick.


   None that I'm aware of. Crosswise was sold on his own or in a twin pack with Thundercracker. Smokescreen and Movie Jolt are repaints of Crosswise.


   While Crosswise is a typical shellformer in many ways, he does it fairly well. As with most shellformers, he's very poseable, and the range of poses in robot mode is excellent. The main downside to his transformation is probably the main flaw shellformers suffer from - cramming everything back underneath all the panels properly can be tricky. The key gimmick works really well and his robot mode looks great and strongly reminds of G1, which is a good thing in this case, since it integrates the car-centric aesthetic of G1 with modern poseability. This is a toy that fans of both the older and newer lines can appreciate - 9/10

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