Decepticon Cannon Transport Toy Review

Individual Review

Names: Terror-Tread, Cement-Head
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticons
Function: Demolitions
Alt Mode: Dump Truck


Height: 2.5cm Length: 3.5cm Width: 2.5cm

   A turquoise dump truck half - on his own Terror-Tread isn't much more than the cabin and whatnot of a dump truck - if you cut Long Haul in half this is what you'd get. There's really very little happening here - gold windows on the right-side cabin and two sets of black wheels, allowing him to roll on his own. Really the most significant thing about it is that this is a pretty nifty mix-n-match idea, and Terror-Tread works in that respect.


   Spin his half of the tray around which will unlock the headlight section, which flips out to become his legs and spin the tray back around. Stand him up.

Height: 5.5cm Width: 2.5cm

   The turquoise is now limited to his boots and the tray which forms a backpack. The torso and head are deep crimson while his face is painted white and the arms and thighs are black. While the facial details are reasonably good, the face is small even for a Micromaster, making them tough to see, and sadly there's a large screwhole below his face (the screwhole has to be big to accommodate a washer, which holds the spring that allows the tray to spin). This screwhole detracts from the face, and I'm not sure the crimson helps since it contrasts with the metallic screw.

   Terror-Tread's shoulderjoints are next to his head, which looks pretty bad, especially for a toy with short arms - it gives the impression of a robot in a permanent shrug. You can swing the shoulders, but I recommend against it. The boots are hollow and lack any feet - indeed there are hollow spots where he would have big toes, which only serves to highlight the lack of feet. The hollow feet make for a robot mode that'll stand only on flat, level surfaces. The end result of all this is one of my least favourite Micromaster robot modes.


   The robot mode sucks, quite simply, and while the vehicle mode makes for a good combiner, on it's own it's not much. This one really needs to be part of the set to be appreciated, I'm afraid - 2/10


Height: 2.5cm Length: 4cm Width: 2cm

   The turquoise back half of a dump truck, which means that Cement-Head is little more than a sloping tray on wheels. Apart from the fact that the name is literally an insult, it's hardly appropriate - Takedown of the Construction Patrol would have been a better choice for this utterly awful name. There are three sets of black wheels, the back and front set roll and have metal pin hubcaps, while the middle set are moulded with black hubcaps. The tray is more or less a rectangular depression, with some protrusions towards the front which act as heelspurs in robot mode.

   While it's simple and in a way boring, I can buy a mobile tray vehicle more than the front half of a dump truck - even if there's no locomotion, since there _are_ dump trailers out there (although they don't quite look like this). As with Terror-Tread this mode works well for mixing and matching.


   Fold down the front and stand him up - simple even for a Micromaster.

Height: 5.5cm Width: 2.5cm

   Just as the turquoise is restricted on his partner, Cement-Head's turquoise is on his boots and back. His torso and head are orange and his arms black. His face is silver with an eyestrip and a mouthplate. Despite the low detail, it comes out better than that of Terror-Tread thanks to the silver paint - the larger head also helps. This is a stocky robot mode, and the proportions are fairly good. The tray forms a backpack, but it's close to his body and doesn't really stand out or overbalance him.

   The arms swing at the shoulders his knees bend, allowing for a walking pose - those heelspurs come in handy. His arms carry two wheels each but in black this works, and the hands are cleverly done as fueltanks. A much better robot mode than that of his partner - one of the better robot modes amongst the Micromaster Combiners in fact.


   I want to kick whoever named this toy, but otherwise I have no complaints. Both modes work well and the combining potential is there. Something of a mismatch really, since his partner is nowhere near as good - 7/10

Length: 8cm Height: 2.5cm Width: 2.5cm

   A turquoise dump truck with ten wheels, four sets are real with the fourth set along for the ride. It's slightly longer than you'd expect, mainly because they had to squeeze wheels onto Terror-Tread. A reasonable vehicle overall, whose real value is in the mix and match potential - there are a lot of nifty combinations possible.

Length: 24cm Height: 6cm Width: 7cm

   A magenta and purple truck with twin silver cannons on either side and the turquoise halves of a dump truck at either end. I'm not sold on the idea of three pastel colours, but it looks better than you'd expect, helped by some yellow stickers on the purple upper deck.

   Considering this thing is meant to be a cannon transport, it's awfully big relative to the small silver cannons it's transporting. It's almost as if they designed the other two sets based on the same concept and then couldn't figure out what to do with this one. Don't get me wrong, it still works visually, but the idea of a cannon transport that splits into two gun emplacements is somewhat redundant.

   I'd recommend leaving off the purple ramps, which are meant to sit in either side, since they restrict movement a little and do nothing visually. The cannons sit on a turret which rotates 360 and can themselves rotate, interrupted by the table or the ramps, if attached.

   The central part of the truck has four bogeys with two wheels each. The outer bogeys have connecting pegs and can turn a little, whereas the centre two are fixed and lack connecting pegs. This gives the vehicle a total of eighteen wheels, which is excessive for a two-gunned affair, although it kinda makes sense for such a long vehicle.

   The colours are unusual and the cannons underwhelmingly small, so the end result is an uninspiring vehicle mode. As a single aspect of the playset it does it's job, but there's not a lot to get excited about here.

Length: 29.5cm Height: 9.5cm Width: 18.5cm

   Formed by lifting the turret and flipping out it's magenta cannons, attaching the ramps to the front and rear ends, swinging out the front of the truck's upper deck to the sides and attaching the silver cannons.

   Very similar to the battle station mode of the Autobot Missile Launcher, and considering the more focused vehicle mode, I'd say that set inspired this mode. The magenta and purple actually work quite well together here, which is somewhat surprising. The magenta base is now a long platform along which you can drive the Micromasters in vehicle modes, and the ramps allow you to drove them on and off. The raised turret still rotates, and you can stand the Micromasters on this platform. There's a post on this platform which is designed to plug into the holes in the feet of Micromasters. Ironically, Terror-Tread's hollow feet rob him of a hole, and while Cement-Head has one, it's in the middle of his feet which tend to splay a little so it's not much use to him. I just placed Pipeline of the Autobot Tanker Transport there (nearest Micromaster), and it works well for him. Anyway, I'd recommend standing the more stable Cement-Head on the turret and the self-locomoting Terror-Tread in vehicle mode on the base.

   The idea is pretty good, even if it is essentially the same as the Missile Launcher (which is a better set). The joints at the base of the turret's struts are a little loose, so not being able to firmly place the supplied Micromasters to the turret is an issue, I'm afraid. You're really better off sticking to the gun emplacements.


   Really little more than the front half of the combined vehicle with the ramps removed and the silver cannons attached in front of the open cabin. Either Micromaster can stand in the cabin, but I'd strongly recommend using Cement-Head since Terror-Tread wont stand all that well and can't sit down in the cabin. Either way, this is a pretty nice looking gun emplacement, and while the cannons don't do much more than wiggle, it's the more attractive of the two emplacements. You can attach Terror-Tread to the front in vehicle mode, which works well, since it gives him a giant cannon trailer


   The back half with the turret's cannons swung out, which makes for a block with wheels and a rotating turret on top. The cabin is open at the back, and while the post isn't so useful with either robot, you can stand Cement-Head or seat Terror-Tread - I recommend the latter since Terror-Tread isn't much use with the other half. The cannons are hollow on top, with a lattice grid exposed that looks odd, but the cannons can swing up and the turret still rotates, giving some play value. There's not a lot of point adding a trailing Cement-Head, but you can turn the turret around and attach Terror-Tread.


   None that I'm aware of. Terror-Tread & Cement-Head share their moulds with Sledge & Hammer of the Decepticon Constructor Squad, though.


   A real mixed bag, since Cement-Head is a good Micromaster and Terror-Tread a very bad one. The combined base and vehicle mode are kinda silly, but the gun emplacements are both worthwhile. If the idea appeals to you, I'd recommend the Autobot Missile Launcher first, it's quite similar and superior, and you don't get a dud Micromaster in that set. Loses some appeal since Terror-Tread doesn't have treads and Cement-Head isn't a cement mixer (what the [deleted] were they thinking with that name?) - 4/10

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