Beast Wars Silverbolt Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Silverbolt
Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Tracker
Alternate Mode: Wolf/Eagle Fusion

Height: 8cm Length: 14cm Width: 24cm

   A grey quadruped with white paint wash on his tail, black paint wash on his snout, back and wingtips, Silverbolt has gold on his front legs and the back of his wings. His eyes are yellow while the teeth visible in his open mouth are white. The colours do a good job of representing both the wolf and eagle here, and blend together well.

   Silverbolt is a pretty good blend of two beasts. He essentially stands like a wolf, has a wolf head, back and hindlegs. The forelegs are eagle legs, the wings and tail which protrude from his back are those of an eagle. Nothing feels awkward or forced - the integrated is actually quite spectacular. The sculpting is quite detailed, with wolf fur over much of the toy, feathers on his wings and tail along with bird leg skin on the lower forelegs and talons on the front feet. The face is just as well detailed, which is accentuated by the paint applications.

   There's not a whole lot of poseability here, since most of the jointing is designed to work in robot mode, but the hips can all move and the leg joints (knees, ankles) can move - the movement is for robot mode but does provide some useful movement. Silverbolt's wings can lift up, although there's no flapping mechanism.

   Silverbolt has a single gimmick, which works in both modes. Pulling back the tail causes the wings to swing forward and if you continue to pull, the foremost wing feathers will shoot forward as missiles. They fire fairly well and will end up on the other side of the room if you're not careful.

   One of the best beast modes amongst the Fuzors - if not the best. Silverbolt doesn't feel at all forced, the transition between eagle and wolf elements is quite seamless. The colours help to this end, as does the sculpt. While the play value isn't the best the poseability is acceptable and the gimmick works without being spectacular.


   Pull out the forelegs, swing the shoulders down towards one another. Fold the beast head down, revealing the chest, clip the shoulderplates in to form hips. Straighten the legs, flip out the robot head. Split the hindquarters, pull the hindlegs forward and push the beast hipplates in to form shoulderplates. Fold back the hindlegs, pull out the robot forearms. Swing down the beast groing and tail, lift the wings up to 45°.

Height: 18.5cm Width: 18cm

   Again Silverbolt is based around grey, with extensive gold highlights on his boots and groinplate, along with a gold sternum. His face has a dark grey mask and yellow eyes, while there's a conspicuous red circle on his waist. The colours work well again, although the red is a little surprising. The fuzor theme actually carries over here, since the wings anchor above his shoulders, the face is clearly dog-like and the talons form his feet.

   The show portrayal of Silverbolt is very close to the toy, which is testament to how well formed this robot mode is. The body shape is very good other than a long groinplate, which the show decided to retain. That groinplate looks like a Roman soldier's armour, and it fits with the regal wings over his shoulders. It's quite easy to see what inspired the comical über-hero Silverbolt became in the Beast Wars cartoon, the wingspan alone makes this guy look valiant.

   Silverbolt's poseability is good. The head can turn slightly - which is all you need when there are huge wings on either side. The shoulders, elbows and hips are ball jointed while the knees and ankles are hinged. The elbows also have hinges, giving Silverbolt very poseable arms. The feet and heelspurs (eagle talons) give him a big footprint, making sure that Silverbolt is stable in a wide array of poses.

   The wings can again angle forward and fire the missiles, and you can always manually press the buttons near his shoulders to launch the missiles independently. The missiles can also he held in his hands as clubs, and while they're not the best clubs, I'm glad the designer bothered making sure the stubs of the missiles would fit in his hand. They're good enough to work as clubs, and this adds some play value, giving Silverbolt handheld weaponry. Underneath the tail we can now see a rubsign, which was hidden in beast mode.

   My only complaint with Silverbolt's robot mode is that the groin area tends to unclip from itself fairly readily, but otherwise this is a strong robot mode. It's certainly distinct, thanks to the Fuzor theme carrying over, and the wings and face mask give Silverbolt his über-hero character. The poseability is good and the play value good for a deluxe.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Probably the best toy we saw in the Fuzor line - Silverbolt actually melds two beasts rather than being just half and half. While there are other successful Fuzors, there were also a lot of failures and none of the successes had a robot mode as strong as Silverbolt's. While he bears no resemblance to the G1 Silverbolt, this is a toy that's worthy of a name reuse. Being of the of the show's more memorable characters only increases the appeal of a toy I recommend for Beast Wars fans - 9/10

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