Bump Toy Review

Individual Review

Thanks to Sofaman (Wayne Bickley) for loaning me Bump for this review.

Name: Bump
Series: Beast Wars Second
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Physicist
Alternate Mode: Armadillo

Height: 4cm Length: 13cm Width: 5cm

   An ochre armadillo with a silver spray of paint down his back and on the ridge of his head, Bump has a brownish silver tail and silver claws. These colours are quite close to those of Armordillo, of whom Bump is a repaint, but are different enough to keep me happy. This is a pretty nice colour scheme in it's own right, although whether or not it's different enough from Armordillo I'm not so sure. This toy is meant to be a Giant Armadillo Priodontes maximus, and while they're a brownish colour the colour match is fairly good. Certainly it looks like it could be a real colour scheme, metallic silver paint aside.

   Bump's anatomy is pretty accurate to that of P. maximus, which is nice. His long front claws are slightly hooked, while the Giant Armadillo's are slightly more hooked. Bump has moulded scaling on his back, representing the scutes (bone plates) of the Giant Armadillo's shell and a short think tail, which is slightly shorter than on the real animal. He has pointy teeth protruding from his mouth, painted white, which isn't at all accurate - they tend to eat mainly insects and have stubbly teeth to grind the exoskeletons. Despite the teeth, this is a pretty decent attempt, and I'm pretty happy with both the effort and unusual choice of animal. His light green eyes are a little out of place, but otherwise I have no complaints.

   The play value here is very limited. While P. maximus is fairly flexible considering it has a bone shell on it's back, Bump's main body is fixed. The front claws have ball joints on the elbows and shoulders, the shorter hindlegs can swing back and forth and the tail can swing up and down on a hinge. The last one isn't terribly lifelike, mind you, since the hinge is really here for the transformation. The curved tail means you can hang Bump from a cord or string (or whatever) like a bat if you really want (c8

   Aside from the silly teeth, my only other complaint here is the fact that his hindlegs are detachable weapons, which means that they detach fairly easily, and run the risk of being misplaced. There's a little undercarriage junk but he's close enough to the ground (or table) that it's not really an issue. The colour scheme is just enough to make a difference next to Armordillo and works well in it's own right, even if it's not quite realistic.


   Being a very early Beast Wars basic mould, Bump has an auto-transform gimmick. Lift the tail up and he transforms. All you're left to do is swing down the arms, position his feet so he'll stand and detach the weapons and place them in his hands (or to the side, I suppose). While the auto-transform takes the challenge out, I'm glad that it works fairly well, and that things don't get stuck halfway as on some of the other early basics.

Height: 10cm Width: 5cm

   Again ochre and brownish grey with green eyes. The beast head is now his chest, while the foreclaws are his forearms and the boots are also ochre. The upper arms, thighs and groin are all grey, along with the silver claws on his feet - which are _not_ part of the beast mode at all. The weapons are also grey, with ochre hindlegs hanging off the back of them. The silver is limited to the visible claws and some paint wash on his chest, but it's enough to keep things vibrant - he's not as dull as Armordillo in robot mode,

   As mentioned, the toes are beast claws, which is an interesting touch. Along with tight skin sculpting on his boots, the end result is a very organic robot mode. In fact the only robotic part is his waist, which is largely hidden behind the beast head. His head is sort of robotic, although it makes heavy use of circles in its design. The organic theme fits this mould well so I'm not complaining about the sparse robotic elements here.

   The shell of the beast forms the robot's backpack, which is predictable really. It's quite close to his body and doesn't in itself cause stability problems - but he has very short feet and small heelspurs, so you have to get the pose right for him to stay standing, and unfortunately the weight of the backpack (if not position) means he has little meaningful leg poseability. I don't blame the backpack as such since heelspurs would have solved the problem - and I don't see why Bump doesn't have sizeable heelspurs.

   While his effective poseability is limited, Bump is a very articulated toy. The neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees are all ball jointed, and while the hips and shoulders pop fairly easily, reattachment is also easy. The right rear leg becomes a mace weapon and the left leg a pistol, and they can mount on the holes halfway down the arms. He doesn't have true hands, rather long claws, hence the holes being midway. I don't like the claws in place of hands much, though at a basic pricepoint (especially a spring loaded one) it's hard to see how they could have avoided this. The weapons themselves are fairly well sculpted, but look kinda silly with the legs hanging off them.

   If you don't like the way his weapons work, you can easily unclip the legs, but keep in mind the pegs to attach them in beast mode are on the weapons themselves. Other than the goofy weapons, the feet really bug me here. The articulation is really good, yet Bump ends up with little leg poseability. His arms are very poseable, but the weapons look silly, so it seems the poor guy can't win. There are some nice details here - the sculpting is great and the colours are far more varied, making this on par with his armadillo mode and nicer than Armordillo's robot mode.


   None that I'm aware of, although as mentioned he's a repaint of Armordillo. He was sold either alone or in a twin pack with Bazooka.


   The armadillo mode is actually quite good - and an armadillo is an interesting choice of beast. The overall sculpt is great but some design flaws really drag the robot mode down. He's actually slightly nicer than Armordillo, and if you don't have either I'd recommend Bump if you can grab him, since despite the flaws this is a decent basic - 6.5/10

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