Build Typhoon Toy Review

Individual Review

Series: Car Robots (RiD)
Name: Build Typhoon
Allegiance: Cybertron
Alternate Mode: Dump Truck

Heavy Load, the Anglophone version of this toy

Height: 6cm Length: 10.5cm Width: 6.5cm

   Build Typhoon is one of those giant dump truck machines used in open cut mining, with 4 metre tall tyres. Going by the size of the cockpit windows, he's not as huge as a lot of these machines are, which brings him back to scale with the rest of the Build Team. Build Typhoon is yellow with a few silver highlights, blue headlights and black plastic tyres. The windows are made of a tinted transparent plastic, which looks brownish, an illusion caused by them being surrounded by yellow. There are actually two different shades of yellow plastic on this toy, with the truck itself a slightly darker yellow than the tray. It's difficult for a single colour make a bad colour scheme, unless it's neon. Luckily for Build Typhoon, the yellows are muted enough that he looks pretty good.

   The cabin sits under the left side of the tray's lip, although you can swing it over to the right side, or even in the middle. He has silver ladder rungs and some danger stripes on the front, while the sides and back are more or less mechanical-looking details that aren't really kibble or especially truck-like. The feet actually sit on the back, but don't really stand out. Also on the back are red taillights.

   The wheels roll fairly well, and the ridged grip pattern is actually series of indents rather than actual ridges, so he rolls quite smoothly. The tray can tilt back, so he can pour out his load of ore or rubbish or whatever you load him up with. If you can find some tiny Energon cubes to load him with, well then even better.

   The only real issue I have with this truck mode is the overall shape. He's very close to being a cube - short and wide - for a small dump truck. Yes, the giant mining trucks are about this shape, but the smaller dump trucks are longer than Build Typhoon. This isn't really a big problem, since as a mining truck he looks fine. It's a solid vehicle mode, and this is the first time we've had a Transformer dump truck whose tray actually tips back.


   Remove the tray, rotate the tray's strut around to the front. Flip the silver panels on the sides out to form the robot forearms, lift out the front fenders to form the upper arms. Fold the strut down onto his shoulders, rotate the cabin up towards his shoulders, fold down the roof, flip out the head and fold the roof of the cabin back up. Extend the legs, fold _up_ the feet and flip out the heelspurs. He can either hold the tray in his hand or stow it on his back.

   You have to be careful with the legs. It's easier to unfold the hips that to extend the rather tight legs (or even to pop off the legs), which is easily the biggest flaw in Build Typhoon's design. It's nice that his thighs wont sink into his shins, but not at the expense of having trouble transforming him.

Height: 13cm Width: 9cm

   Again mainly yellow, of the darker variety, with silver thighs, forearms and groin, black feet and fists and a silver face. Build Typhoon has a smile and a red visor. There are quite a few truck bits visible now - the cabin is on his chest, the front tyres on his shoulders and the tray either sits quite obviously on his back or in his hand. The silver and yellow works well, it's a pretty good colour scheme, and addition of more silver makes this a better colour scheme that the vehicle mode.

   This is a very poseable robot mode. The head turns, the shoulders, elbows and hips are ball joints, the knees, wrists, ankles and heels are hinged. Thanks to the heelspurs and long feet he's able to stand in a _lot_ of poses - even bending over to touch his toes. The shoulders are quite limited, effectively they're swivel joints, but the legs are really poseable, making it really easy to pose Build Typhoon and difficult to actually make him unstable. His tray, when wielded as a weapon, forms a large claw. Pressing on the central section of the lip causes it to open up like a set of jaws - complete with teeth. The back edge even has teeth! It's a big weapon, but it's a great way to prevent the tray being pure kibble.

   The only real flaw of this robot mode is long arms. But then he's big and bulky anyway, so the long arms suit better than you might expect. The poseability is a strong point, the overall aesthetic is good, making this a good robot mode.


   Released by Hasbro as Heavy Load, who sports a big Autobot logo on the tray, as well as some orange lines on the tray. Heavy Load was re-released in a giftset in yellow and black. I do not own Heavy Load, which is why I'm reviewing Build Typhoon. Heavy Load was later repainted as part of a Wal*Mart exclusive giftset.


   While Build Boy remains my favourite of this set, Build Typhoon is also a great toy. The robot mode is great, the vehicle mode good and of course, you need Build Typhoon to form Build King (or Heavy Load for Landfill). The only aspect of this toy that bugs me is the difficult to transform legs. I'd recommend him even if you don't plan to get Build King - 8.5/10

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