Build Boy Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Build Boy
Series: Car Robots (Robots in Disguise)
Allegiance: Cybertron
Sub Group: Buildtron
Function: Buildmaster Sun Lord (leader of the Buildmasters)
Vehicular Mode: Bulldozer

Height: 5cm Length: 9.5cm Width: 6.5cm

Meant to be a basic sized toy (price point), this is a fairly big toy for a basic, and it shows in this mode. Probably about the size of a Deluxe Insecticon overall, but easily heftier than most basic sized vehicles. Twotone orange dozer with grey bits (grill, treads) and a third shade of orange for the shovel bits. And oh yes, a huge G1 Autobot/Cybertron symbol on the roof of the cabin. OK, so it's there for Build King's chest, but it's a sweet feature that easily enhances this toy's overall look. The toy is well moulded - combine this with the orange & grey and it's a pretty realistic dozer - although the shovel doesn't move.


Split the two halves of the shovel and fold them right back. Then fold the treads upward (they should still face out, but be higher up on the sides of the dozer). Remove the grey shield concealed under the shovel and fold the two halves of the grill forward. Grab the sides of the front and pull them apart. Twist them backwards to expose the thighs and fold down the shins. Fold the feet up. Pull up the shoulders (the rear halves of the treads to which the shovel halves are attached), twist the lower halves to form the hands. There's a little panel on his back, flip it down to reveal the head and then flip the head up and then flip the panel back up. Yes, this is complex for a basic toy, although as I said it's really more than a basic toy, even if it is sold as one. Lastly the shield becomes his gun (which is actually poseable).

Height: 11cm to the head, 16cm to the shovel halves. Width: 8cm body, about 15cm shovel halves (this will vary depending on the arm positions)

By far the coolest feature in robot mode is the big faction symbol on his chest. Proportionately, it's huge, since it's intended for Build King. I guess there's no doubt who Build Boy fights for. The next thing you notice is the huge shoulder pads formed from the two halves of the shovel. I wouldn't really call it kibble, even if it is in a way since 1) it doesn't get in the way of poseability at all and 2) they look cool anyway. Grey arms by virtue of the treads being his arms, but he's largely orange in robot mode - partly grey gun, grey feet & kneecaps. Silver face & blue eyes and of course big red 'Bot symbol on his chest. Oh and he can do Hot Spot's trick of using the gestalt head in his robot mode (it's inside the cabin on his chest). He doesn't look as silly as Hot Spot in doing so, however. Fully poseable, Build Boy lacks only wrist joints really - shoulders, elbows, knees, hips are all ball joints. Feet, kneecaps, head are all swivel joints. Oh and the two barrels of the gun are independently targetable (c8


He's fairly easy to transform from dozer to chest. Split and swing back the shovel & pull the treads out to the sides (they'll attach at the shoulders), so that the whole assembly becomes shoulderpads for Build King. Swing the shield down to become the waistplate, swing down the chest hatch and swing up the head. Attach to the rest of Build King. This last bit will vary according to which limb component you use as the arms. There's a peg that folds out of his back to snap into the common joint of all four components, and various pegs/holes on his back to join to whatever arm piece you happen to use.


Released again in RiD as Wedge, featuring grey paint instead of the light orange, although sold as a deluxe rather than a basic in that line. There was also a yellow Wal*Mart repaint, sold as part of a box set.


This guy rocks. I don't really know any better way to say it. Both modes are strong, plus it's good value for the price point - he's really more of a small deluxe than a basic in size and easily a deluxe in complexity. Colours work well, and he's part of a gestalt anyway, so you need him for Build King which adds to his appeal. I give him 9.5/10 since he has no real flaws in my opinion, losing 0.5 only because his hands are contained in the treads. That mark drops to 8/10 for Wedge simply because he's a small deluxe

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