BotCon 2010 Breakdown Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Breakdown
Series: Convention Exclusives
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Sports Car

Height: 4cm Length: 13cm Width: 5.5cm

   A neon aqua sports car with neon mauve highlights, Breakdown is inspired by the garish BotCon toy from 1994, in the same colours & representing the same character. The colours awful - but they're meant to be, since they represent the elusively rare earlier, G2, exclusive. The windows are a very dark transparent brown - it's hard to see light through them. He has black on his hoof, grille, tyres, turbocharger and roof. There's a G1 Decepticon logo in aqua on his hood, some red and blue detailing on the roof (both faithful to G2) and mauve on his skirting and turbocharger. In true G2 style, Breakdown has his name in black lettering on either door. On the back end there's black and silver paint, including a silver licence plate which reads "BCFW94" (BotCon Fort Wayne 1994 - referencing the first BotCon, held in Indiana USA). There are twin mauve exhausts at the black and his hubcaps are painted silver. It's a confrontingly garish colour scheme by design, and while Breakdown doesn't just break aesthetic rules - preferring to jump up and down on them - he tributes G2 Breakdown very well, making this a very good colour scheme, within its context.

   Breakdown shares this mould with Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Punch/Counterpunch and both Henkei & Generations Red Alert. While all five versions are slightly different, he's closer to the Red Alert toys - he has a small hole on the roof to fit a stroberack, something the twins lack. The colours are very different to the other versions of course.

   Aside from his neon colours, this is a pretty good sports car mode. The detailing is low in areas, purely because sports cars tend to have smooth lines. There's quite a lot of detailing on the back. This car is essentially a mishmash of various Lamborghini elements (thanks to FortMax Reed for this info), and so it looks realistic enough, and has a similar feel to the original Countache. If there's a fault here it would the holes on his roof for the stroberack and turbocharger.

   There's no play value here aside from rolling wheels, which is fairly typically of the Classics/Henkei style.

   A fairly straightforward car mode in wild colours. It captures the Lamborghini feel well and they've nailed the feel of G2 Breakdown, which is the whole point really. The paint job is great and it fits the character. The attachment holes on the roof are the only flaw of a great vehicle mode. Of course, if you don't feel this tribute, you'll probably hate the colours.


   Detach and set aside the exhaust. Pull the rear out slightly, open the panels at the back. Fold over the rear halves to form boots, rotate the boots. Fold the panels down as kneecaps, flip out his feet. Rotate the waist. Extend the front, rotate the roof to form his back and push out the head. Rotate the shoulders and arms into place (there are a few rotations needed), fold the front of the car down to form his chest. Give Breakdown the exhausts as a handgun.

Height: 15cm Width: 9cm

   A neon aqua robot with black feet and elbows, Breakdown has the black hood on his chest, complete with the Decepticon logo. His waist, thighs, forearms and head are neon mauve while there's some brown paint on his collar (representing the brown painted windows of the G2 toy). His face is blue with red eyes and the head is an entirely new sculpt; it's the square peg found on the original Stunticons (albeit larger given the size of this toy). The paint job is again gaudy and on point, and there's actually quite a lot of care taken, as you'd expect from a convention exclusive. The aqua and mauve are largely reversed compared to his 1994 counterpart, as a result of a vastly different transformation, but the overall feel is still the same. The red eyes are an addition here, which work fairly well despite clashing with his other colours - there are enough clashes here that it's not a problem.

   This is an excellent robot mode, aside from the well retooled head. The proportions are good and there are lots of visible car elements. The gun looks like a gun - not a muffler in his hand. The rear panels as kneepads are a touch kibbly, but this is a very minor thing. The layout isn't much like a Stunticon, and the pedigree of this mould as Sideswipe really does come through, but the colours are ridiculously distinct to the point where he's unmistakable as Breakdown.

   The poseability here is very good. His head and waist both turn, although the latter is restricted. His shoulders, hips and ankles are ball joints while the knees and elbows are hinged with rotators and his wrists rotate. There are no heelspurs, but the poseable ankles largely make up for that anyway. There are no gimmicks here, but I am happy about this, since it allows for his poseability to come to the fore.

   A really good robot mode with a wonderfully retooled head and appropriately garish colours. The layout of both car elements and colours actually vary a lot from the 1994 version, but the concept is unique enough that this is not an issue. The poseability, body shape and layout of car elements are all positives of a well thought out mould.


   None that I'm aware of. Breakdown was exclusively available at BotCon 2010 and was likely limited to a single production run.


   A limited tribute to a limited toy - both G2 Breakdowns are BotCon exclusives, but this one uses newer technology and is a _lot_ easier to come across. The colours are incredibly garish, but they're meant to be. If you "get" the colours, then this is a great revisiting of a somewhat gaudy concept and he works well in that respect. The retooled head is a really nice touch, helping to separate him from the various Autobots also using this mould. It's a good mould, too - well engineered with good poseability. For longer term fans who remember G2 Breakdown - or wish they could _find_ one, this is a recommended toy - 9/10.

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