Break Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Break
Series: Beast Wars Neo
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Polar Operative
Alternate Mode: Penguin

Height: 10.5cm Length: 4cm Width: 6cm

   Standing upright, Break's beast mode is a black penguin with a white "belly" and yellow collar. He's got yellow markings on his head beak and pink eyes. Pretty much the entire penguin mode has moulded fur, to the point where the fur is less defined on the flippers, where it would be shorter. He's also got a moulded tail.

   There's very little of this mode that isn't pure penguin - there's posts on the undersides of his flippers and the end of a missile sticking out behind the left foot. There's very few beast transformers that don't have a "bad" side, but Break's one. Even from below he looks penguinlike, although there's hints of robot from that view.

   Poseability is about all you could really ask of a penguin - the flippers and feet are on ball & socket joints, the head can turn 360. Combine this with 95% of the thing being as penguinlike as you could really ask, and it's a very good mode.


   Basically crack the shell and put out a robot. Lift up the panel on middle of his belly. Pull the head assembly out, fold down the tail so the missile is clear and loft up the back. You now have a mess of panels and robot bits. Fold down the waist section, rotate 180 and straighten the legs & feet. Rotate the feet, position the arms, rotating the shoulders & elbows as necessary. It's hard to describe this accurately, since a lot of this involves tweaking ball joints into the exact right positions. But it's definitely one of the more complex basics out there.

   It's worth mentioning that when you transform him back to penguin mode, there's a lot of robot bits that have to go in just right or the shell wont come together properly. The left shoulder & feet in particular have to be just right.

Height: ~11cm Width: variable (but usually wider than he is tall)

   Break's robot mode is itself a black, blue & white affair. But there's a lot of yellow & white, as well as some orange on his kibble. Black dominates the robot mode but he has a blue face, white mouthplate and again pink eyes. The crown of his head is yellow. If you look carefully, it's mimicking a beak - it even has nostrils!

   The kibble is considerable. The head forms a large shoulderpad on the right, the feet a shoulderpad on the left. His left forearm is attached to the tail section, his right forearm is attach to the rather large backplate. Inside this backplate is a moulded orange missile launcher, with a red spark crystal and a black missile in the launcher. This backplate can in fact detach, with some difficulty. It has the flippers attached to it, and can be used as a standalone weapon for one of the larger Beast Wars Neo Maximals like Longrack or Big Convoy. The shoulderpads are big, slightly cumbersome, but I can live with them. It's the missile launcher/backplate that's cumbersome, although having said that, the missile launcher makes it a lot better than it could have been. Lastly there's a backpack formed by the belly panels, but you don't really notice it.

   The robot itself is quite spindly, since it has to fit into what's a fairly tight & compact shell, but it's sturdy enough to support the weight of the missile launcher on one side, and is really poseable since it has to fold up in transformation. The head turns, the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, waist and ankles are all ball joints. The joint which attaches the missile launcher to the right hand can also swivel a little. Whilst the weight of the kibble limits the number of stable poses, there's still a lot of play value. Plus the missile shoots a couple of feet.

   Hampered somewhat by kibble, but they've made creative use of it at least, Break's super poseable robot mode looks decent and is certainly fun. The use of blue with the black, white and yellow works quite well, too.


   None that I'm aware of, although he was sold either by himself or in a two-pack with Dead End.


   A very good beast mode, which is hard to fault, and a satisfying robot mode, although not without it's flaws. Break has a complex transformation, too. Whilst it can be tricky in parts if you don't know what you're doing, the fact is it's complex and has to be to form such a good penguin mode out of such a poseable robot. Break is one of the better engineered Beast Wars Neo toys, 8.5/10, losing most of his points for his kibble

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